Volunteering Opportunities

We encourage all students to take part in volunteering work, and have teamed up with vInspire schools - a new programme developed to get young people involved in volunteering.

This social action programme has a huge range of benefits, and is very accessible. Teachers are supported every step of the way, and young people given simple and exciting opportunities to do good things. The programme encourages and motivates pupils to take their ideas to the next level, whilst supporting the work that they are already doing at school. We introduce volunteering into school life as an integral part of learning.

Launched in February 2013, vInspired schools was created with teachers in mind – with flexibility, ease-of-use and simplicity at every stage.


  • Rewards and incentives to keep students motivated
  • Grants of up to £500 to help young people fund their volunteering projects
  • A secure online tracking system to monitor student volunteering hours and track their progress
  • Simple tool kit resources which can be tailored to meet your needs
  • Dedicated support from vInspired Schools Co-ordinators
  • Access to a national community of schools who are engaged with the programme, with communication through newsletters and social media providing opportunities to share best practice

Find out more by getting registered with the Wilberforce vInspired homepage

Click here for a guide on how to get registered