Summer Preparation Work for September 2019 starters

If you are a new student enroling in September 2019, you must complete summer prep work for each of the courses you are intending to join. Please see these listed below - just click on the link to see your worksheet (files available in Word or PDF format)

Applied Science  (Word doc)   Applied Science (PDF)

Art – Fine Art (Word doc) Art – Fine Art (PDF)

Art – Photography (Word doc)  Art – Photography (PDF)

Art – Textiles (Word doc)  Art – Textiles (PDF)

Art & Design – Graphics & Illustration (Word doc)  Art & Design – Graphics & Illustration (PDF)

Art & Design (Word doc) Art & Design  (PDF)

Biology (Word doc)  Biology  (PDF)

Business (Word doc)  Business (PDF)

Chemistry (Word doc)  Chemistry  (PDF)

Childrens Play, Learning and Development (Word doc)  Childrens Play, Learning and Development (PDF)

Computing (Word doc)  Computing  (PDF)

Criminology (Word doc)  Criminology  (PDF)

Economics (Word doc)  Economics  (PDF)

Engineering level 2 (Word doc) Engineering level 2 (PDF)

Engineering (Word doc)   Engineering  (PDF)

English Lang and Lit (Word doc) English Lang and Lit   (PDF)

English Language (Word doc)  English Language  (PDF)

English Literature (Word doc)  English Literature   (PDF)

Film (Word doc) Film  (PDF)

Forensics (Word doc) Forensics (PDF)

French (Word doc)   French  (PDF)

Geography (Word doc)  Geography  (PDF)

Hair & Beauty (Word doc) Hair & Beauty (PDF)

Health & Caring (Word doc)  Health & Caring  (PDF)

History (Word doc) History  (PDF)

Information Technology (Word doc) Information Technology (PDF)

Information Technology (Word doc) IT – Part 2  (Word doc) IT – Part 3 – Digital Test (Word doc)

Information Technology (PDF) IT – Part 2  (PDF) IT – Part 3 – Digital Test (PDF)

Law (Word doc) Law  (PDF)

Maths – Further Maths (Word doc) Maths – Further Maths   (PDF)

Maths (Word doc) Maths (PDF)

Media (Word doc)  Media  (PDF)

Media – Summer Poster task (Word doc) Media – Summer Poster task (PDF)

Performing Arts – Dance Drama Music (Word doc)  Performing Arts – Dance Drama Music (PDF)

Performing Arts – Music Tech (Word doc) Performing Arts – Music Tech  (PDF)

Physics (Word doc)  Physics – Part 2   (Word doc)  Physics (PDF) Physics – Part 2   (PDF)

Psychology (Word doc) Psychology (PDF)

Public Services (Word doc) Public Services (PDF)

Religious Studies (Word doc) Religious Studies (PDF)

Sociology (Word doc)  Sociology (PDF)

Spanish (Word doc) Spanish (PDF)

Sport – BTEC Sport (Word doc) Sport – Training Diary (Word doc)  Sport – BTEC Sport (PDF)  Sport – Training Diary  (PDF)

Sport – Physical Education (Word doc)  Sport – Training Diary (Word doc) Sport – PE – Adaptations (word doc)

Sport – Physical Education (PDF) Sport – Fitness Diary (PDF) Sport – PE – Adaptations (PDF)

Travel & Tourism (Word doc) Travel & Tourism (PDF)