English Language & Literature

A Level

Course Entry Requirements

Five A* – C grades at GCSE including a minimum of a 4/C in GCSE English Language

If you are interested in joining the College we will arrange a meeting with an experienced subject counsellor who will help you to choose courses that best suit your ambitions and achievements.

All entry requirement details are correct at the time of publication, September 2018, however, the College may need to make some changes by September 2019 in the light of student demand, staff availability and external factors beyond the College’s control.

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What will I study?

  •  Analyse different cultural perspectives on Paris within an anthology of collated data
  • Explore the imagined worlds of Sebold’s The Lovely Bones which is characterised by unusual narratives, narrators and events Analyse language choices to explore point of view, characterisation, presentation of time and space/place and narrative structure
  • Explore and analyse the role of language in Duffy’s Mean Time poetry
  • Create original re-creative tasks based on The Great Gatsby and write commentaries evaluating your language choices.
  • Explore conflict and dramatic encounters within A Streetcar Named Desire
  • Undertake an independent coursework project in which you make connections between literary and non-literary texts of your choice.

What skills do I need?

  • Good reading skills
  • Flair and imagination
  • A mixture of creative and analytical thinking
  • A willingness to work both in a team and independently

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Why should I study this course?

Studying Language and Literature allows you the best of both worlds. Not only will you study a range of fascinating contemporary plays, novels and poetry but you will learn the art of analysis, interpretation and evaluation.

How is the course assessed?

A Level
Examination 5.5 hours: 2 papers

Paper 1 – telling stories – written examination 3 hours – 100 marks 40% of A Level – 4.1.2 – remembered places: AQA Anthology: (40 marks) closed book – 4.1.3 – imagined worlds: One question from a choice of two on prose set text (35 marks) open book Lovely Bones – 4.1.4 poetic voices: One question from a choice of two on Duffy Meantime poetry (25 marks)

Paper 2 – exploring conflict – written examination 2.5 hours – 100 marks 40% of A Level – 4.2.2 – writing about society: One piece of re-creative writing using open book The Great Gatsby (25 marks) – 4.2.3 – critical commentary (30 marks) – 4.2.4 – dramatic encounters: one question from a choice of two on open book A Streetcar Named Desire (45 marks).

Coursework – making connections 20% of A Level – 4.3 making connections coursework 20% of A Level. A personal investigation that explores a specific technique or theme in both literary on non-literary discourse (2500 – 3000 words) (50 marks).

What will this course prepare me for?

This course will give you a wide base of skills in English analysis and creative writing, opening up an excellent choice of careers. The re-creative and recasting tasks are particularly useful for Journalism, but those interested in careers in Law, Teaching or any profession where communication is essential will find this course extremely valuable.

Private Study

As an approximate guideline A Level subjects require 4-5 hours of independent study each.

What materials will I need to provide?

All reading materials are provided by the College but it is expected that you will supply writing materials (pen/paper).

How will I be taught?

Your teachers will guide you through the texts using a combination of individual study, pair, group and class work, quizzes, essays, discussions and presentations. What you have to say is as valuable as what we do. You will be encouraged to grow and step out of your comfort zone as you develop as an academic student and as a young person.

A Level English Language and Literature is for you if:

…you have a passion for reading, have an inquiring mind and really want to stretch yourself in your understanding of texts and want to learn how communication between people is a lot more than just what you hear.

  • Have the best of both worlds by studying two fascinating subjects.
  • Indulge your love of novels and plays by studying them in depth.
  • Learn about the language of speech.

A Level English Language and Literature is not for you if:

…you don’t enjoy reading for pleasure