A Level

Course Entry Requirements

Five A* – C grades at GCSE including a minimum of grade 5/C in GCSE English and a grade C in French.

If you are interested in joining the College we will arrange a meeting with an experienced subject counsellor who will help you to choose courses that best suit your ambitions and achievements.

All entry requirement details are correct at the time of publication, September 2018, however, the College may need to make some changes by September 2019 in the light of student demand, staff availability and external factors beyond the College’s control.

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What will I study?

The subject content of the course can be divided into three sections:

  1. Social issues and trends.
    You will study the following in relation to at least one French speaking country:
    Aspects of French speaking society – current trends – the changing nature of family, the cyber-society, the place of voluntary work.
    Aspects of French speaking society – current issues – positive features of a diverse society, life for the marginalised, how criminals are treated.
  2. Political and artistic culture.
    You will study the following themes:
    Artistic culture in the French speaking world – a culture proud of its heritage, contemporary francophone music, cinema.
    Aspects of political life in the French speaking world – teenagers, the right to vote and political commitment, demonstrations, strikes, politics and immigration.
  3. Literacy texts and films.
    You will study either one text and one film or two texts from a given list.


What skills do I need?

  • A commitment and interest in finding out more about the French speaking world.
  • An ability to analyse and explain the various topics studied in both English and French (bear in mind that we will provide you with vocabulary sheets).
  • A willingness to apply with consistency new grammatical structures in order to improve your fluency.
  • An ability to express key concepts in clear written and spoken French.

Examining Board


Why should I study this course?

This is an academic course which will help you learn about the French language and culture. Learning French will open many doors to you as more and more employers are seeking candidates who are not necessarily bilingual but have a sound written and spoken knowledge of the French language.

Combining the French language with another subject such as Business, Law or History (to name just a few) will enable you to access a wider choice regarding your career as employers hugely value linguistic skills. On a personal level, it will enable you to reflect on your own language and culture; and hopefully make you a more open-minded individual as a result.

Another relevant point is also the fact that not many native English speakers can actually use a foreign language, making you therefore a lot more special and highly employable. So dare to be different!

How is the course assessed?

This linear A Level course is a 100% examination based qualification with no coursework to complete. The final grade is determined as a result of taking three examinations at the end of the second year. These examinations cover all the content that you have covered over the two years of study. The examinations themselves are as follows:

Paper 1:  Listening, reading and writing. 2.5 hours in length. 40% of the A Level marks.

Paper 2:  Writing. 2 hours. 30% of the A Level marks.

Paper 3:  Speaking. 25 minutes. 30 % of the A Level marks.

What will this course prepare me for?

This course will give you an excellent understanding of the French language and culture. It will help prepare you for being successful in finding a job in teaching, translating, in travel and tourism but also in one of the many sectors of the business world.

You may, of course, use the course as a means of securing a Higher Education place as the French language is highly valued.

Private Study

You will be expected to complete at least 4 hours of private study a week. This work is outside of the classroom and will enable you to complete your homework tasks and achieve your target grade.

You will also need to keep a close eye on current issues in this country but also about French speaking countries. Having an interest on French cultural aspects such as cinema, literature, music and art would be a great advantage.

What materials will I need to provide?

The college will provide you with basic textbooks and teaching materials. You will need to purchase paper, pens and other writing materials. We strongly advise you to obtain a French dictionary such as Oxford Hachette and also a unilingual French dictionary.

We will provide you with, throughout the academic year, authentic documents such as French magazines, French DVDs and many more other items relating to the French speaking world.

How will I be taught?

You will be taught by a French teacher who is passionate about the French speaking world. You will experience a wide variety of learning activities during the course including the chance to take part in going to a trip to France as well as the opportunity to practice your spoken French on a one-to-one conversation on a weekly basis. As AQA is the exam board, you will be using the software entitled “Kerboodle” which will enable you to practice the four required skills in class but also at home.

A level French is for you if:

  • You are passionate and enthusiastic about different cultures
  • You want to grasp the subtleness of the French language Speaking French is your dream!
  • You enjoy a course which develops lots of important skills including both cultural and literary ones.
  • You want a qualification which employers recognise and value

A level French is not for you if:

  • You are not prepared to commit to an academic subject
  • You are not willing to complete homework each week
  • You are not motivated