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What are the aims?

The course aims to give young people a better chance of getting to the next stage of their career aspirations. This is achieved through experiential learning, talks and gaining a positive input from local employers and business people.

What does it entail?

A number of talks and information sessions from local business people and professionals, including a master class from ‘For Entrepreneurs Only’, a proactive group of local business people. These will give an insight into how various businesses operate and were set up, how to get a first foot in the door of various business-related careers, what skills and qualities are needed and how to present yourself in business. This valuable opportunity will help students gain business skills, i.e. production, financial management, decision making, communication, project management, sales and marketing abilities.


Regular meetings with experienced business people who will provide support and strategic direction to the student teams for their business projects but will also give individual students advice about how to get a career started in the business world. Students may gain a City and Guilds qualification with Young Enterprise at the end of the year.

Why should I take this course?

It is a year-long enrichment course designed to give students thinking of Business, Commerce or Self Employment as a career option, valuable up-to-date knowledge of how today’s business world operates. The skills qualities and professional qualifications needed will be explored, together with experience of setting up and running a small business.

Receiving guidance from experienced Business Advisors/Mentors forms and important part of the course. Students may gain a City and Guilds qualification worth up to 40 UCAS points, via Young Enterprise who help run the course.

When will it run?

As part of the College’s Enrichment Activities this year long course will run on Wednesday afternoons.

Who to see for further details?

Wendy Macadam

Employer Engagement Manager (located in room A106)

Clare Shaw

Business Liaisons and Communications Manager (located in room A104)


Our Mission Statement

To be an educational resource of the highest quality, encouraging and enabling the fulfilment of individual potential and working with the community to increase aspirations, participation and achievement.