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What is this enrichment?

This is a course designed to give students thinking of teaching as a career useful, up-to-date knowledge of this profession.

Valuable experience of working in the teaching environment via a 12 week half-day school work placement is included.

Who would benefit from it?

Students who are applying for degree courses in education and wanting to go into Primary or Secondary School teaching.

Students will be able to see if this is really the right direction for them and also gain the essential experience to use in completing their UCAS application.

How is it organised?

Talks and ‘Question and Answer’ sessions on various subjects important to would-be teachers form the first half of the course. For example there will be sessions on Classroom Management Techniques, Safeguarding in Schools, and up-to-date information on routes into Teacher Training from local universities that specialise in Teaching Degrees.


Basic Health and Safety at Work information will be studied via an online information session and test. Sessions on ‘Preparing for Placement’ will follow, which include goal setting and dealing with workplace situations.


Students will have the opportunity of going on a school placement if they have good attendance and punctuality, and references from their subject teachers and tutor.  They also have to have a DBS check (paid for by the College) and have passed the Basic Health and Safety Test.


The school placement will be one morning or afternoon a week and will fit around the student’s other lessons; for many this will be on a Wednesday afternoon. Students will be matched with a suitable school for a 12 week half-day placement, which can be extended.

What do students gain?

Valuable experience of the teaching environment, gained within a local school.

Knowledge of current issues important to the teaching profession.

Useful basic Health and Safety knowledge of the work place.

Relevant experience in a school environment to support a UCAS application for an education-based degree.

Important employability skills such as communication, self-management and resilience.

When will it run?

As part of the College’s Enrichment Activities this course will run over two terms on Wednesday afternoons between 2.30pm and 3.30pm.

Who to see for further details?

Clare Shaw
Business Liaisons and Communications Manager (located in room A105)



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