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Learning a language at Wilberforce will open doors to many careers for you.

Learning French will open many doors on a professional level. Taught by a native speaker, you will discover all the subtleties of the French language, alongside the culture of the many French speaking countries. Obviously, a trip to France is a must in order to use your French in a real context and to gain an idea on how French people live. You will also use many authentic documents, such as newspaper articles, TV programmes, films and music. To maximise your success, you will have access to online resource materials which will enable you to improve your four skill areas: speaking, listening, reading and writing.
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We will take your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to the next level whilst keeping you up to date with what is going on in the Spanish speaking world. You will have access to an abundance of online resource materials which will give you plenty of opportunities to hone your language skills both during lessons and working independently. You will also attend weekly conversation classes to improve your confidence and fluency when speaking Spanish. During the course you will have the opportunity of visiting Spain where you will be able to apply your Spanish for real and experience Spanish culture. Last but not least, gaining a qualification in Spanish at this level will impress future employers and open doors to a multitude of careers.