Social Sciences

Our courses will give you the skills and knowledge you need to realise your potential.

You will develop high level knowledge and understanding of contemporary social processes and social change in the context of culture and identity and social inequality and difference. There is an emphasis on how social class, gender, ethnicity and age can affect life chances  and consideration of how equal our society really is. As a student of sociology you will develop a life-long interest in social issues.  The skills of evaluation, critical thinking and analysis are highly valued by employers and are an excellent preparation for higher education.  Some units contribute to the discipline of criminology where you will examine in detail a range of theories exploring why people commit crime and the solutions to the problem of crime.


Religious Studies deals with some of the most important questions in life: Does God exist? How do we know what is right or wrong? What role does religion have in modern society? Through studying and discussing these issues you will improve your thinking skills and ability to develop an argument. You will learn to think philosophically about issues, understand how key ideas have developed through the work of philosophers in the past and recognise their influence on ideas in society today. You will also have the opportunity to reflect upon your own points of view in relation to these ideas.


Psychology is the scientific study of people, which tries to understand and explain thought, behaviour and emotion. If you’re fascinated by the mind, this course is sure to capture your imagination. You will look at different ways of investigating human behaviour, covering several areas of psychology and studying major psychological approaches and studies. You will also discover if behaviour is affected by our thoughts, how our bodies respond to a situation, and why childhood learning affects our future.