April 2019 Winners

Curriculum awards, sponsored by Principal Resourcing 

The students receiving these awards have been nominated by their teachers for many reasons.

  • Some are for outstanding academic achievement
  • Some are for contribution to the community
  • Others are simply in recognition of a student’s effort and attainment in their subjects.

Sanna Bhamji
Curriculum Award for Business & MFL

Sanna has worked consistently hard on her BTEC Business Sub-Diploma course for the last two years.  She has produced assessments of the highest standard throughout the course. This has enabled her to complete the course early and achieve the highest grade Distinction*.  Her effort, attendance and enthusiasm have been exemplary and have contributed to Sanna producing high quality work whilst meeting every deadline set.  Sanna has been a pleasure to teach; she is always positive and genuinely interested in the subject. She deserves her achievements to date and is confidently expected to enjoy success in her future career.

Chloe Campbell
Curriculum Award for Business & MFL

Chloe has an excellent work ethic and is consistently performing at a faster pace than her classmates and prior to deadlines.  Her knowledge of the Travel Industry and excellent standard of work demonstrates her Level 3 ability and her determination to continue achieving the higher grades.  Her performance throughout has been exceptional.  She is always willing to help and support others. Chloe deserves this award for her commitment to the course and her studies.

Courtney Campbell
Curriculum Award for Business & MFL

Courtney displays outstanding ability in Level 3 Travel & Tourism.  She demonstrates an excellent understanding of the topics and her knowledge is demonstrated within the detail she consistently adds to her assessment work.  She has developed excellent numerical, analytical and evaluative skills throughout her study never failing to fully engage in group activities and continues to achieve high grades throughout the course.  We are proud of the dedication she has shown to this course.

Harry Quest
Curriculum Award for Business & MFL

Harry has performed superbly throughout his level 1 studies. Despite serious health issues Harry never fails to produce work of the highest standard. He works superbly both as part of a team, where he supports other members in his group, and independently, where he produces much work both in and out of the classroom. Harry has a committed approach to study reflected in his ability to meet tough deadlines. An asset to his group and the college, Harry is a testament to what can be achieved through hard work, commitment and self-motivation.

William Good
Curriculum Award for Engineering

Will is an excellent student who tries to do his best in all he does. His teachers and tutor are very proud of his commitment to the engineering course. In workshop lessons Will has shown a great passion for engineering, especially in a recent project designing and constructing a bottle opener using precise marking out machining and filing skills to an outstanding ability. This is a well-deserved award in recognition of Will’s commitment to his studies. Following his level 3 studies Will plans to take an apprenticeship in the thriving local engineering sector, and he has recently completed an online assessment for ABP.  We wish him luck with this and hope he has every success in the future.

Joseph Peters
Curriculum Award for Engineering

Joseph is excelling in all his coursework activities and assignments because he brings an excellent attitude to every single one of his lessons. He listens attentively, asks insightful questions and always works to the best of his abilities. He always shows enthusiasm, supports others and works really well in a team. In the maths and mechanical principles assignments Joe has demonstrated that he can consistently apply transferrable skills to solve problems with a high degree of skill and accuracy. Finally Joe is showing a great deal of maturity that will stand him in good stead in the future, we wish him well.

Reece Scrowston
Curriculum Award for Engineering

Reece has spent the last year and a half achieving very well in a difficult course. He is well liked, funny and doesn’t let any setback prevent him from achieving his objectives. Last year he excelled in the workshop and classroom lessons, learning new skills and developing industry-specific abilities that ultimately have vastly improved his employability. Reece is focused on developing his abilities and being the best that he can be.  He will have a bright future in the engineering industry, in whichever area he decides to focus on. He has been a pleasure to teach and will continue to achieve great things in the future.

Ben Wray
Curriculum Award for Engineering

Ben is clearly a passionate and dedicated engineering student who has achieved excellent results. His work demonstrates an understanding of the tasks involved in Level 2 C&G engineering, and he has shown a keen interest in the electrical fitting, sheet metal and workshop activities developing skills which he is able to effectively put to use in his projects. He is able to work with other students to good effect and they in turn value and respect his opinion. He also will have a great future in engineering industry.

Samantha Howman
Curriculum Award for English & Media

Samantha is an outstanding student in BTEC Creative Media production who has achieved excellent results so far. She has supported other group members in her class and has given her time to help film and edit numerous creative projects. She shows enthusiasm in all that she does and is an inspiration to others.

Ben Richards
Curriculum Award for English & Media

Ben is making excellent progress in GCSE English. He achieved a grade 4 in the January mock and was only two marks off a grade 5. Despite having to face some difficult issues, he works extremely hard in lessons and is always keen to improve. His vocabulary and creative writing are especially good and he is on track to achieve success in the summer.

Olivia Tweddell
Curriculum Award for English & Media

Liv has worked extremely hard in English Language this year. She listens carefully to feedback, acts on her targets, and as a result, she is making good progress in her assessments. She has selected a very interesting coursework topic and has developed a clear and well-argued essay. Liv has really taken on board advice about planning responses carefully and she clearly revised hard for her mock. Keep up the good work!

Nina White
Curriculum Award for English & Media

Nina works tirelessly in A Level Media Studies and is a constant source of correct answers and thought-provoking analysis throughout a multitude of activities. She has also performed excellently across all assessments scoring 2 A’s and a B Grade. She seems to understand all aspects of the taught curriculum so far and shows an in-depth knowledge of application of theory across a diverse range of media platforms.

Olivia Beal
Curriculum Award for HCEY

Olivia has demonstrated sheer tenacity on the Level 3 Children’s Play, Learning and Development qualification. She has overcome some very personal circumstances and persevered to achieve top grades in all of her units. Her placement supervisor reports demonstrate the continued drive to do equally as well outside of the classroom; this has resulted in the achievement of a quality portfolio of evidence which will undoubtedly help to secure Olivia full-time employment. Well done, Olivia, continue with the excellent work.

Megan Biscombe-Brooks
Curriculum Award for HCEY

Megan has shown a great deal of maturity whilst completing her work in class and discussing career options. Megan is very committed to her future career and has taken steps to ensure that she achieves her end goal. She is about to undertake a two day placement within the Radiology department of HRI. She is talking with universities about grades needed to become a radiographer and is keen to find out as much as she can about the role. Megan is achieving Distinction grades in all topics and we are confident that she will make a success of her future career.

Lucy Day
Curriculum Award for HCEY

Lucy has demonstrated commitment to her studies resulting in the well-deserved achievement of high grades. Her academic writing has steadily progressed as she has listened to and responded positively to feedback. Her actions include enhancing the quality of her work by including references and a bibliography.  Lucy is an asset in class and helps other students who are struggling with assignment tasks by providing peer support and encouraging them to try the higher criteria. Well done, Lucy, a well deserved award.

Holly Davidson
Curriculum Award for HCEY

Holly was worked consistently well from the beginning of the course and has achieved impressive results in her coursework. Alongside her written work, Holly has played an essential part in providing quality interactive sessions for the range of service users that the Level 2 students work with. Holly has spent much of her own time creating reminiscence books for use with the service users; these are an invaluable tool which help those who have dementia. The residents of Elm Tree Court recently tweeted the following message, ” We would like to send a special thanks to Holly for creating her Hull reminiscence book for Paul, He really enjoyed talking through the contents with Holly; it was such a lovely gift for him to keep.” It is a pleasure to nominate Holly for this award in recognition of her commitment.

Molly-Rae Beck
Curriculum Award for Humanities

Molly-Rae is a consistent high achiever in History, especially when completing classwork and essays under test conditions which were of an excellent standard. Her most notable work on the 1st and 2nd Crusades, Anglo Saxons and Normans demonstrated Molly’s ability to carefully select relevant sources of information and utilise them to write a precise analysis. Molly regularly achieves above her target grade, she always shows great enthusiasm for the subject and is an asset to every team that she works within.

John Chen
Curriculum Award for Humanities

John has worked consistently well to produce an excellent Extended Project report.  John has demonstrated exceptional skills in organising his own learning as he has developed his research for the EPQ.  His knowledge of his subject shows a real mastery of the content and demonstrates highly developed analytical skills.

Cameron Meakes
Curriculum Award for Humanities

Cameron is a highly committed student who completes all tasks asked of him to the best of his ability. Since the start of the year he has made brilliant progress in Geography and is keen to maintain the high levels he has given himself.

Kye Travis
Curriculum Award for Humanities

Kye has consistently focused on his academic studies, being enthusiastic in class and handing work in before deadlines, showing he is consistently motivated by his BTEC Law studies.

Mubeen Alhassan
Curriculum Award for IT

Mubeen has only been in this country for a short while and level 2 ICT is one of the first academic courses that he has completed.  Whilst at the college he has also passed his functional skills Maths and English and has now been placed onto GCSE.  He has worked very hard since coming here in September and he is a very conscientious student recently achieving 42/50 in a mock exam and a level 2 pass in his Unit 1 ICT exam. He is very polite, hardworking and very eager to please and do well. Due to his fabulous work ethic we are sure he will go from strength to strength and will continue to succeed.

Joseph Frankland
Curriculum Award for IT

Joseph is a naturally talented student who understands complex ICT problems with ease. Joe has impressed the department by volunteering for extra roles and responsibilities in the department such as volunteering to mentor and assist in level 2 lessons. His work is of the highest quality and he always gives 100% to making his work the best it can be.  Put simply, Joe has a perfect academic record. Through hard work and dedication he has become a valued member of the department. He has taken on work experience with Cranswick, giving him workplace skills to ensure he is successful in his future endeavours.

Daniel Hill
Curriculum Award for IT

Daniel started at Wilberforce on level 2 > 3 and has consistently shown dedication to the course.  Alongside getting the best grades he is a pleasure to have in the classroom. He has a natural aptitude for ICT.  He shows a great deal of clarity with his animation design for which he obviously has a natural flare. We are confident he will go on to do great things in the future.

Kieran Perry
Curriculum Award for IT

Kieran has performed excellently and has made the best possible start on the ICT course. He has attended an incredible 12 hours of extra classes last term. His work is of the highest standard and always on time. Recently Kieran has produced exceptional work for his digital graphics unit and thus far he has set an extremely high standard for all his units. He has also taken work experience with Cranswick and supports other IT students in his spare time.

Jack Greensides
Curriculum Award for Maths

Jack’s outstanding ability along with his sustained commitment and great motivation have enabled him to reach a very high standard in all aspects of his studies. Jack has developed his problem solving and analytical skills, and applied them to more complex problems both in the Pure and Applied components of the course. An outstanding mathematician in every respect. We look forward to excellent results in the summer. Well done, Jack.

Daniel Hill
Curriculum Award for Maths

Daniel has continued to work extremely hard in GCSE Maths and is determined to succeed.  Daniel has gained in confidence with Algebra and non-calculator skills and is able to apply his skills to more complex problem-solving questions. We are confident that Daniel will be successful in the summer exam. He deserves to do well so that he can progress after college utilising his Level 3 IT qualification to move ahead to the next level. Well done, Daniel.

Courtney Monkman
Curriculum Award for Maths

Courtney has had an extremely successful first year in A Level Mathematics. She has shown she has a lot of natural ability in Mathematics and an impressive capacity for hard work and determination.  Courtney has continued to be an extremely hard-working, ambitious student and is making excellent progress. Her algebraic skills are good, and she has covered introductory calculus. On many open-ended questions, Courtney has been able to choose the most suitable method to approach and complete a given task, thus demonstrating good independent learning skills. Well done, Courtney.

Rhys Smith
Curriculum Award for Maths

Rhys’s achievement in A Level Maths  has been outstanding.  Rhys achieved Grade A* in the last Assessment, showing excellent Mathematical understanding of the topics covered. He is an extremely hard-working and ambitious student who is always keen to learn new areas of Mathematics.  Rhys enjoys solving the more challenging problems set as extension exercises. He has used mathematical language very effectively throughout his work and confidently understands mathematical arguments.  An outstanding mathematician in every respect. Well, done Rhys.

Lauren Annis
Curriculum Award for Public Services

Lauren is passionate and determined in her public services studies. This, amalgamated with her exceptional organisation and interpersonal skills, will lead to success. Lauren asks pertinent questions about the topic at hand and thinks deeply in order to make progress. Lauren’s work demonstrates a high level of analysis and evaluation which ensures she achieves high grades in her coursework. She always hands in all coursework on time achieving the highest grades possible, further demonstrating Lauren’s commitment to doing well.

Kai Duke
Curriculum Award for Public Services

Kai is a quite thoughtful student who asks questions when he needs further clarification, which enables him to secure high grades for his coursework.  Kai has a keen interest in military service with the Royal Marines and it is his laser focus that will see him achieve this. His outstanding ability, commitment and motivation have enabled him to reach a very high standard in all aspects of his studies, especially in the leadership and fitness units. He has shown that he has a lot of natural ability and an impressive capacity for hard work.

Kyle Ellarby
Curriculum Award for Public Services

Kyle has made considerable progress with both his work as well as improving in other areas of his studies. He is working well towards achieving his target grades, and always offers excellent support to the rest of his group. He is determined to enter into a public service career, so applies this motivation to his coursework, always seeking to understand core concepts in citizenship and looking for opportunities which will help him on his career path.

Cerys Gilfillan
Curriculum Award for Public Services

Cerys puts in 100% to her studies and is an excellent student all round. She is working to exceed her MTG in all areas of her studies and her confidence has grown over the course of the year.  Cerys takes on board feedback given and really has shown consistent improvement to her studies. Her determination to succeed has been further evident in the extra work involved to achieve her choice of university, as she needs to complete entry tests for this.  Cerys has done additional research and organised this with the college with little help from the teaching staff.  Cerys also volunteers for the Scouting Organisation, selflessly helping young children to achieve and be motivated by their own aspirations.

Harry Hawker
Curriculum Award for Science

Harry is a highly motivated student who always participates fully in his BTEC applied science lessons. He completes all work set to very high standards and is set to gain distinctions in all units leading to a well-deserved Distinction* overall. He engages with all activities and is keen to further his knowledge by asking insightful questions and discussing the science being studied with his peers. He is willing to use his knowledge to explain aspects of the course to others and this reflects his career aim to be a teacher.  We are confident he will be a great addition to any educational setting in the future.

Megan McManus
Curriculum Award for Science

Megan has fully applied herself to the study of Forensic and Criminal investigation. Through her excellent attitude to learning and ability to collaborate with her peers she is making a success of her time at College. Megan always completes work on time and shows the ability to problem-solve. In addition to this, Megan’s reflective nature and ability to cope under pressure will set her up well for her intended future career in the police force.

Lilliana Pievaitis
Curriculum Award for Science

Lilliana is a dedicated and hard-working student who has a positive impact on the wider GCSE Biology class. She fully engages with the content and pushes herself to achieve the best grades possible. Throughout the year Lilliana has made excellent progress and makes thought-provoking observations during the practical investigations most notably when she took an active lead in a heart dissection. She puts effort into any task that she is faced with and this is yet another reason that she is deserving of this nomination.

Joseph Wedgner
Curriculum Award for Science

Joseph is an intelligent and articulate student who always strives to make progress in his first year of our new forensic and criminal investigation course. He tackles difficult pieces of work showing resilience and the ability to adapt to change. He has impressed his teachers throughout the year with his thoughtful responses to questions and he has performed admirably in the assessments. We are confident that Joseph will achieve great results in the forensic exams this summer and he is very deserving of this nomination.

Amelia Fletcher
Curriculum Award for Social Sciences

Amelia has worked hard to fully grasp the complex ideas and detail in the core studies of Psychology.  Her efforts have resulted in significant improvement over time. She is now consistently achieving high grades. Her approach to learning is heartening and productive and she is to be congratulated for it. Well done, Amelia

William Garrod
Curriculum Award for Social Sciences

William has shown a natural interest in and an inclination for the study of Psychology.  He is highly committed and able.  He consistently achieves grade As in assessments and recalls detailed knowledge of the core studies in written form and verbally when questioned. We are confident Will is going to have a bright future in whatever field he chooses.

Leah Thorogood
Curriculum Award for Social Sciences

In Psychology Leah has demonstrated an excellent attitude to learning. She has robustly acted on feedback throughout her studies in order to strive for improvement. She has attended extra sessions every week. Her commitment, self-motivation and maturity have resulted in her increasing her assessment grade to a well deserved B in the most recent Mock. She continues to be enthusiastic and committed.

Isabella Wright
Curriculum Award for Social Sciences

Isabella is a student who has responded brilliantly to guidance and support. She has developed into a high-achieving student who is consistently demonstrating detailed understanding of Criminology. She has worked exhaustively to produce an excellent set of notes in preparation for the controlled assessment.  Her example of responding positively to criticism in order to achieve is very pleasing.

Paulina Bilengrek
Curriculum Award for Sport & Performance

Paulina has shown a fierce enthusiasm for performance and is courageous in her creative choices.  When given a script she approaches it from perspectives that are always insightful and unique, and she does not shy away from difficult subject matter.  Her empathy when dealing with more mature themes and stimuli has shown not just a high standard of performance skill, but also a wealth of compassion that exceeds her years. Her Home immigration performance demonstrated political zeal and was unabashed in the challenge it posed to its audience. The spoken word monologue she has devised for the Dementia project work is incredibly moving and beautifully constructed, working  from the position of an elderly partner caring for an ailing spouse. Her energy in class is always upbeat and she welcomes any new theme or technique with diligence and excitement! She is blossoming as performer without a doubt, but it is the quality of her character that we feel is a real credit to her.

Holly McCarthy
Curriculum Award for Sport & Performance

Holly has really flourished on the Level 2 course this year.  Initially a quiet student when she arrived at college, Holly has grown in confidence and maturity and has produced work of a really high standard in all of the modules that have been studied this year.  She is a pleasure to have in the class and is always keen to achieve the highest grade possible.

Kieran McLaren
Curriculum Award for Sport & Performance

Kieran is an excellent student who is achieving good grades in A Level PE as well as in his BTEC Extended Diploma in Sport which he transferred to.  His work shows due diligence and is of high quality.  He keeps up to date with deadlines and is able to synthesise information to accurately portray his point in many of the topics that have been studied.

Rhianna Spratling
Curriculum Award for Sport & Performance

Rhianna is showing a great level of commitment to the course and working hard to improve her practical skills as she is now focused on achieving a place at university to study music technology. She will hopefully achieve a Distinction grade overall.

Tyler Barker
Curriculum Award for Visual Arts

Tyler has become a star of the department and matured through her time with us in Fine Art and Photography into an outstanding artist. She embraces new challenges and has confidence and skill in what she does helping and inspiring others around her. She produces a huge amount of work combining two demanding subjects and shows herself to really enjoy this in the process. We wish Tyler every success as she goes off to university.

Lillie Green
Curriculum Award for Visual Arts

Lillie has been a tremendously positive force in her Art classes where she comes through as someone really enjoying the learning involved in her course. She maintains a proactive approach in all areas and is making excellent progress because of it. Lillie has flourished since joining college and she has demonstrated a determination to follow her ideas and concepts through to completion. With regard to her skills she shows intricate brush control and her style and colour mixing conveys both mood and movement.  Her positivity is infectious and she is a pleasure to teach.

Abigail Miskin
Curriculum Award for Visual Arts

Abigail shows herself to be exceptionally talented in Fine Art and a student who is showing that they are willing to put in the many hours of work to achieve outstanding results. Her self portrait done as homework typifies this commitment, where 9 hours on one mall painting made it look like a photograph. We admire Abigail’s drive and determination to achieve her results and her quiet thinking around what she does.

Estelle Rhodes
Curriculum Award for Visual Arts

Estelle has really involved herself in her photography work and although she can be a quiet student she has much to say in her work which is driven by an eye interested in the world around her. She has embraced the technical and creative sides of photography to get stunning results and has much to offer as she moves on to her personal project work. Photography is definitely a medium that will encourage Estelle to communicate her ideas and thoughts and she is most deserving of this nomination.

Awards that recognise outstanding subject achievement, kindly sponsored by the University of Hull.

Every department at the College nominated one person to receive a special department award. The students chosen for these awards were nominated by their class teachers after much deliberation.

Rhys Smith
Special Curriculum Award for Business & MFL

Rhys displays outstanding ability in A Level Business. He has worked incredibly hard and is both highly committed and mature in his approach to study. Rhys produces assessment work that rarely falls below a grade A and this superb performance comes through a determined, hard-working no-nonsense approach to his studies. He is a highly-valued member of his A Level class and offers support to others in the group, never failing to fully engage in group activities. Rhys grasps all the concepts taught and has developed excellent numerical, analytical and evaluative skills throughout his study of business. He is au-fait with current affairs and can use real world examples to great effect when supporting his essay answers.  Rhys’s performance has been exceptional and he has a very bright future ahead of him. Simply superb.

Abbi Fitzgerald
Special Curriculum Award for Engineering

Abbi is nominated for her enthusiasm, effort and high level of work. She has an outstanding ability along with her sustained commitment and great motivation. She has shown that she has a lot of natural ability and is doing excellently on her engineering course. She quickly understands new topics and always works at a really fast pace.  Abbi shows enthusiasm in all she does and is an inspiration to others, especially considering she is combining A Level Maths with her Engineering course, allowing her to maximise her potential in the problem solving units. Well done.

Louise Wilson
Special Curriculum Award for English & Media

Louise has a positive outlook and works consistently in all A Level English Literature lessons.  It has been a pleasure to see her develop her written analysis to reflect a confident personal voice. Louise is a generous student who supports other students, sharing her work as a model to help others.  Her positive outlook and smiling face make her an asset to the group. Despite experiencing difficult times, Louise maintains her efforts and always tries her best. She is a brilliant student and we are really proud of her.

Beth Towse
Special Curriculum Award for HCEY

Beth’s level of commitment and dedication to her studies is second-to-none and she is a shining example of how the Wilberforce College ethos encourages and supports young people to achieve their goals. Beth started on the course as an under-confident student who lacked self-assurance in her own ability. Since September, Beth has now blossomed into a very confident young lady who is producing exceptionally strong academic coursework, has built up impressive professional relationships with her peers and teachers and who has received outstanding placement reports from her placement supervisors. Beth’s desire to always produce her best never falters and that is why Beth has been selected for this special department award. Congratulations and well deserved.

Danielle Kennedy
Special Curriculum Award for Humanities

Danielle is an exceptional Law student who consistently achieves high grades. Her commitment to her studies is evidenced by the high grades she consistently achieves in A Level Law assessments.  She is a very proactive student in all respects, engaging fully in lessons and being diligent in terms of independent learning and research outside of lessons.  In terms of extra-curricular activities, she was a keen participant in the Big Brexit Debate and is also due to undertake a voluntary legal placement with Burstalls Solicitors, further highlighting her dedication to her studies and future career. Well done, Danielle.

Theo Farrer
Special Curriculum Award for IT

Theo has a perfect academic record. He has volunteered for every college event and is always happy to put himself forward for extra responsibilities. Theo has a can-do attitude and has an excellent relationship with his teachers. Theo produces work above the standard required for Distinction and his work is always of the highest quality. What impresses the department is his proactive approach to organisation and workload. He will always seek information independently before asking for help which will set him in good stead for the future.

Joseph Frankland
Special Curriculum Award for Maths

Joseph has had an extremely successful year so far in his first year of the Linear Maths A Level course, achieving an average of 87% in the first 3 Assessments. Joseph has shown he has a lot of natural ability in Mathematics and an impressive capacity for hard work and determination. Joseph has continued to be an extremely hard-working, ambitious student and is making excellent progress. He quickly understands new topics and always works at a much faster pace than his peers. The ease with which he grasps new concepts has meant that he often works at much higher level questions. An outstanding mathematician in every respect. Well done Joseph.

Ingrida Geglyte
Special Curriculum Award for Public Services

Ingrida is always focussed and consistent in her work and attitude for her BTEC Level 3 in Public Services. Her written work demonstrates a real understanding of ideas and concepts which she is able to effectively use and apply to her coursework. She works exceptionally well with other students to achieve assessed criteria and showed an incredible level of maturity in her assessed leadership activity when explaining how she needed to translate what she said before she gave instructions.  It is this maturity, determination to succeed and hard work that has secured Ingrida this award.

Lewis Glasby
Special Curriculum Award for Science

Lewis is the personification of a model student, totally committed not only to his own studies, but to the support and edification of his classmates. Without fail, he is the first student to arrive in the science department, using the time efficiently to prepare for his lessons that day, and he is usually the last to leave.  He engages in extra-curricular activities when volunteering at open events and working with the science technician to set up an astronomy club, and has organised a team to participate in the next Analyst competition at the University of Hull.

Holly Sherburn
Special Curriculum Award for Social Sciences

Holly has consistently shown a high level of commitment to her Religious Studies course. She always completes work to a very good standard and is articulate and animated when discussing complex moral and ethical theories. Her attitude and enthusiasm is exemplary and inspires others to achieve. She is a highly independent learner who works diligently and at a fast pace. She is a model of excellence and should be congratulated.

Grace Fletcher
Special Curriculum Award for Sport & Performance

Grace has shown a high level of understanding in all of the areas that have been studied this academic year.  She is very conscientious and always shows due diligence in her work.  Her coursework achieves the highest possible grades and is always handed in well ahead of schedule.  She offers valid points in group discussions and is always keen to help others in any way that she can.

Kassidy Spight
Special Curriculum Award for Visual Arts

In her time in Fine Art and Photography Kassidy has done everything she could possibly do to make her work the best it possibly can be. She has been a pleasure to have in lessons as she is always ready to work with ideas and approaches that show her working in new ways.  She has been relentlessly determined to achieve grades needed for university and has produced an overwhelming body of work for both subjects in order to achieve this.


The Rotary Awards are our longest established awards, and recognise outstanding commitment and service within the College and the wider community.  These awards go to our extremely high performing students who have gone that extra mile, both in and outside of their studies.

Mayas Dirar
Rotary Award for Community Service

Mayas started college as a Foundation student and progressed to L3 Art. During her time on the Foundation course, Mayas quickly showed off her talent as an artist, often showing the group her impressive sketches. Mayas also spoke about her life as a refugee fleeing the war-torn area of Darfur in Sudan and her journey to Hull along with her siblings and mum. During their 4 years in a refugee camp the family took to painting, particularly what they saw around them, as a way of coping. Mayas and her family exhibited this artwork as part of Hull’s Freedom Festival in 2018 and since then it has visited us at Wilberforce  and at other venues across England.

Mayas and her family have helped/aided/encouraged the community to understand their thoughts and feelings of been in a refugee camp. Mayas was very involved with the Bayswater mural project creating thoughtful images for the brief and was a key factor in the winning of the Hull daily Mail Golden Apple Award and is currently working with Sutton Villas  residential home on a mural for a meeting space for Dementia sufferers.

Mayas is a lovely person who has used her own experiences to drive her to become involved in making the world a better place. It is unusual for someone of her age to be able to stage a one person exhibition of their work and talk through it to groups of students. It showed how difficult her journey has been and brought to light how other parts of the world exist in genuinely challenging circumstances.

Her work is genuinely moving, and by communicating through painting and drawing Mayas expresses herself far more than words alone could convey.  Mayas is an inspiration and a credit to her amazing mum. I wholeheartedly believe Mayas is a worthy candidate for the Rotary Award.

Rebekah Milns
Excellence in Performance Award

Rebekah is excelling in all facets of her Music Performance studies. All work completed to a distinction level, be that an academic report or a song writing & performing task, is all completed to the highest standard. But it is Rebekah’s attitude to her studies that impresses her teachers the most. Rebekah is so deeply engaged with her music studied; always open to explore new song writing techniques and song adaptations with a creative & experimental outlook. She takes on board new strategies with enthusiasm & forces herself down ‘the road less travelled’ to constantly grow as a performer through exploration and risk taking. Rebekah is interested in context regards musicianship & song writing in terms of societal influences and technological advancements. She has embraced the new Dementia stimuli with an incredible wealth of empathy and responsibility, that is generating some profound & moving work. To this end she inspires her peers to create work of a very high standard alongside her. In class she is always eager to share her observations and ideas, and her song analysis work is growing week on week showing a wonderful grasp of subject specific language & eloquent expression. Rebekah is eager to engage with the wider creative community and is applying to volunteer with Absolutely Cultured to broaden her experience of live music outside of her own playlist taste. Not the most outspoken of her peers, Rebekah is diligent, positive, interested and interesting – a joy to teach & a pleasure to have in the classroom.

Benjamin Lockham
Excellence in Sport Award

Ben has taken on the role of playing a vital part in both the football 1st and 2nd team playing in various positions during his three years at the college. He started as the 3rd team captain working up to the 2nd team and this season is playing in the 1st team. He has shown excellent leadership skills both on and off the pitch. Ben shows confidence verbally and leads by example. He has taken on responsibility for ensuring the players are all present at fixtures as well as organising 5 a side events for other students. He has an infectious personality which clearly impacts positively on all around him and thoroughly deserves this award.

Courtney Porter
Excellence in Sport Award

Courtney has been appointed as the captain for the college Netball team during the current season.  She has shown high levels of maturity and organisation in all aspects of team management.  She regularly assists with the coaching of the team as well as helping to run the day to day management of the team.  She uses skills gained through her external netball coaching of the Ducklings team at Wilberforce netball club.  Courtney has guided the team to winning 13 of the last 15 games in the AoC East Yorkshire and Humberside league.  The team are currently in second place in the league.

Ellie Bateman, Lucy Ingamells, Chloe Inman-Skoyles, Hannah Leavis, Emmie McGowan, Abigail Osborne, Suwadou Park, Samantha Pickering, Courtney Porter, Teegan Spaven, Tyler Stouph, Aimee Taylor
Team Award for Excellence in Sport

The Netball team has been nominated for this award due to their high level of achievement throughout the season.  They have played 15 games so far this season in the league and cups competition.  They are currently in 2nd place in the AoC Yorkshire and Humberside league (East) having lost only one game, to John Leggott College (who are currently league leaders) by two goals either in the season.  They reached the last 32 in the National cup and were unlucky not to progress further.  All of the girls have played an active role in this achievement and have shown dedication to train regularly as well as managing their academic studies to enable them to play week in, week out to such a high level.  Their enthusiasm is infectious and they thoroughly deserve this award.

The Daniel Oldridge Award for IT

This is a new award, established in the memory of Daniel Oldridge.  Daniel was a student here 2010-2014, and was one of those impressive examples of a student who joined us with very few qualifications, but determinedly worked over four years to turn that around – so that when he left us, he held an Advanced Level Diploma in IT.

Sadly earlier this year we received the tragic news that Daniel had died of cancer, at the age of only 23.  The Daniel Oldridge Award for IT is to be presented annually in his memory, and I’m delighted to say that Daniel’s parents are here with us tonight on the first occasion of a student receiving this Award.

Antony Walker

Antony has always been a good student but it was not until year 2 that I believe he became an exceptional student. His work ethic has gradually evolved to the point where he only accepts the best of himself with his organisation and work. His work often times goes above and beyond the boundaries within the BTEC qualification. He has produced excellent multimedia resources and is in the process of making what is looking to be an outstanding video game. I have no doubt that Antony will go on to further success after college.

H Kubicki Prize  for Photography

This award is in memory of ‘H’ Kubicki, who was a teacher that helped set up the college in 1988.  ‘H’, as he was known, was a teacher of Chemistry who led on the introduction of Photography as part of the college curriculum.

Heather Button

Heather has already proven herself to be an excellent practitioner in Photography and is really committed to her work. She is fully engaged in exploring ideas and how photographers work, identifies key elements of practice and then is wholly original in what she does with these ideas, producing results that are visually stunning and clever. She does exactly what a good photographer does in showing us the world in a new way, and challenging what we think we know about it. If heather continues like this we anticipate great work from her, and she has the power to shape an amazing future for herself.

University of Hull Excellence Award

The University of Hull Excellence Award recognises the strong and long-standing partnership between the College and the University.  It is awarded annually to a student whose academic achievement is simply outstanding.

Beth Oakshott

Beth has been nominated for this Award for an amazing performance in all 3 of her courses, Music Technology, Music Performance and Theatre.

Beth has shown an excellent level of commitment throughout her two years at Wilberforce.  Her attitude to work and determination have ensured that she is on track to achieve the highest possible grade.  In addition to the high standard of her work on the course itself, Beth has supported the department through numerous events including open evenings, where she has been a fantastic ambassador for her courses. As well as lending her drumming skills to a number of bands for the purposes of recording and live performances over the past few years, Beth has also acted as a roadie for the past two live gigs the department has run, lending her kit and helping to set up equipment.

I am confident that Beth will have no problem achieving a place on her chosen Music course at university, and we expect to hear great things from her in future.

Principal’s Award for Achievement

The Principal’s Award for Achievement is an award that goes to a student whose performance is considered to be outstanding.  This may be through achieving the highest grades, but it can also be a recognition of outstanding progress both academically and personally, often in the face of considerable challenges, and that’s certainly the case this evening.

Harry Quest

Harry came to Wilberforce last year from Winifred Holtby School. Several years ago Harry was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy following meningitis, which has made him susceptible to epileptic episodes on a regular basis. The episodes are random and can be set off by a range of different triggers which Harry has no control over.

Most young people would be negatively affected by such a difficult and frustrating condition and obviously Harry is not immune to those thoughts, but despite these daily challenges, Harry just gets on with it – he is a cheeky chap with a lovely personality who is admired by all his friends. He will even return to class after an episode despite having every reason to go home!

In class he is determined, polite, conscientious and hardworking and he always makes sure to catch up on any work missed and it has been lovely to watch him mature as a young man this year. He has ambitions to progress to Level 2 Sport next year and we are certain that he will succeed despite the difficulties that he faces. Harry is a role model to other students and is fully deserving of the Principal’s Award for Achievement. faces. Harry is a role model to other students and is fully deserving of the Principal’s Award for Achievement.

Principal’s Alumni Award

The Principal’s Alumnus Award is for a former student who has excelled either academically or in service to the wider community – or indeed both as is the case tonight.

Ryan Smith

Ryan was and we are sure he still is an absolute pleasure and a privilege to teach. He consistently put in 100% effort throughout his course and was never complacent about his obvious natural ability. He was a real inspiration to other students. Sarah his maths teacher has informed me that Ryan was her ‘go-to’ student to check her solutions. Ryan studied Maths, Chemistry and Physics and across all of his subjects he showed himself to be affable, erudite, articulate and good humoured… were quoting some of this from his Tinder profile.

Joking aside what made Ryan a special student was his determination to understand the underlying principles of complex theories and he was not deterred by complicated mathematics or models. For example in chemistry, not only did he work through the differential equations behind statistical thermodynamics, way beyond the A level specification, but he also memorised the list of James Bond movies in order. Dr Di Wilson one of his teachers says and I quote “I wish that he could be on my pub quiz team”.

Ryan always went the extra mile by attending open evenings, revision sessions and helping his peers. He is clearly interested in science and will no doubt find tremendous success in his chosen field.