Visual Arts students respond to Lockdown with creative new work

Over recent weeks our students have been learning and working in ways we hadn’t planned or envisaged at the start of last term. Teaching and learning online, working at home, and virtual support have meant that we are all carrying on as best as we can to ensure students have the support they need to complete the year’s academic work. However students in one department in particular, Visual Arts (which covers Fine Art, Graphics, Photography and Textiles), have produced some very topical work. They have been developing their skills, honing their technique and have impressed our teaching staff so much we wanted to share some of the results with you.

Artist: Georgia Birch

The image above is by 2nd year A Level Photography student Georgia Birch. She used herself as the subject and said “I really like the unexpected viewpoint I created by jumping over the camera.”

The image below, by Lucy Shotsby, reflects how she feels about the situation we’re currently in, as she explored some new techniques on Photoshop. She explained: “I was inspired by seeing the news all the time, news notifications constantly coming up on my phone and how that it is unavoidable. The news can be quite dark and toxic at times and is especially now, we’re being told different things every day and sometimes scary things. Although the news is surrounding us it’s ok not to look at it for a day as it does take a toll on your mind. ivermectin injection for cattle and swine 1%

Artist: Lucy Shotsby

Teacher Lindsey Routh commented, “Art has always been a means of expression and some of our students are really capturing the present context and showing resilience and applying creativity to the situation.”

At a time when getting out of the house or having dozens of friends to photograph, draw or paint is severely limited, our students have been basing their work on concepts of isolation and how the current situation has impacted on their lives. Lucy Waddington created the image below as part of her series exploring colour

One news item which has captured the nation’s heart over the last few days is the story of Captain Tom Moore. His fundraising walks inspired Ellie Ralph to create these superb sketches. how do you get ivermectin for humans She told us “

I decided to draw Captain Tom Moore because he is a huge public figure at the moment due to him constantly being on tv for his kind actions towards the NHS. I wanted to express how he still continues to fight for our country no matter his age and ability. As I am working on portraiture, I thought it would be an interesting way to respond to this theme as I can make links to the current lockdown situation – which I have brought into other pieces of my work. Captain Tom Moore is shown to be a respectful gentlemen that takes extreme pride in his country. I wanted to show this by combining two images of him; from the past well as him in the present. These pictures clearly show that Tom Moore is proud of who he is due to the achievements he has made throughout his life. He is a true inspiration to us all and we should honour him. piolho é verme  “

Ellie is also an accomplished photographer. Here’s one of her images from a recent series she produced, exploring lighting effects and isolation.

Places are available on all our Visual Arts courses for September, but are filling up fast. If you want to secure your place, apply online now via our website. More inspirational artwork can be seen every day on the Wilberforce Art Instagram account.