January 2019 Winners

Curriculum awards, sponsored by Principal Resourcing 

The students receiving these awards have been nominated by their teachers for many reasons.

  • Some are for outstanding academic achievement
  • Some are for contribution to the community
  • Others are simply in recognition of a student’s effort and attainment in their subjects.

Photo credit: students Jack Naull and Saffron Piercy

Maria Albu
Curriculum Award for Business, MFL and Hair & Beauty

Maria is fully deserving of her Special Department Award in Business. She has worked with enthusiasm and determination over the last 15 months on her Sub-Diploma course. ivermectina para animales sirve para humanos   Maria is a model student who can always be relied upon to produce written assignment work that is both thoroughly researched and fully completed.  She is able to listen to advice and is mature enough to know how to improve her work to achieve the very highest standards. Her polite, unassuming manner make her popular amongst staff and students alike.

Ben Chappell
Curriculum Award for Business, MFL and Hair & Beauty

Ben has shown significant improvement over the last 15 months on his BTEC Extended Diploma in Business. He has set a very high standard for all his assignments and he works extremely hard to incorporate real world examples into all of his written submissions. Ben is popular with both staff and peers; his enthusiasm, wit and charm are always appreciated.

Emily Hutchinson
Curriculum Award for Business, MFL and Hair & Beauty

Emily has made a real impact on her Level 2 City and Guilds course in Beauty Therapy. Her fantastic record of attendance clearly demonstrates the real commitment and enthusiasm that she has displayed in pursuing her chosen subject.  She has made great progress in organising external clients to come into the salon to allow her to practice her skills.  Emily is always willing to work effectively with other students to ensure that all clients are given the very best experience in our salon.

William Morris
Curriculum Award for Business, MFL and Hair & Beauty

William is to be congratulated on his consistent and impressive performance in A level Business over the last 15 months. His written work demonstrates a real understanding of ideas and concepts which he is able to effectively use in what staff describe as “near perfect answers”. He is able to work with other students to good effect and they respect his ability and willingness to support others.

Michael Allon
Curriculum Award for Engineering

Michael has proven over the past 18 months to be an exemplary student. He has worked beyond all of the barriers in his way to show everyone around him that he is going to be an excellent engineer in the future. Michael works hard in the workshop and never gives up until he achieves his goals. He enjoys CAD and design, and has shown himself to be a very capable draughtsman with possibilities of the industry. Although he is a quiet person, this hasn’t stopped him from achieving the targets that have been set for him throughout his time in the college. We in the engineering department foresee a very good future for Michael after he completes his second year and moves off into the world of work.

Karina Orizarova
Curriculum Award for Engineering

Karina is nominated for her enthusiasm, effort and high level of work. Her architectural project is very thorough. She has thought of the smallest detail as she plans a new centre for the RSPCA. The living conditions for cats and dogs are 5 star and the inclusion of a coffee shop means that humans will also be looked after well. Much of the work has been completed outside of the lesson and we are impressed by the sheer volume of the research.

Sofia Orizarova
Curriculum Award for Engineering

Sofia is nominated for her inspirational design for a Greenpower Race Car. Working to the tight constraints of making an aerodynamic car body that fits a predetermined frame, Sofia has taken inspiration from sharks to create a shape that looks to cut through the air. She has thoroughly researched materials and identified many ways of saving weight. The car design is still in the development stage but we have been impressed with the professionalism of the work and look forward to the final vision.

Jack Stoddart
Curriculum Award for Engineering

Jack is a good student who has achieved excellent results, so far. He has supported others and given his time to support the Greenpower Race Car project, raising £500 through their laser cutting of personalised Christmas decorations. He shows enthusiasm in all he does and is an inspiration to others.

Rachel Buckingham
Curriculum Award for English & Media

Rachel has made extraordinary progress in A Level English Language from her first assessment to Assessment 2 on which she achieved an A. This is as a result of her excellent attitude, diligent work ethic and 100% attendance. Rachel has demonstrated all-round skills in both creative work and language analysis in her written assessments; we believe she is capable of a top grade by the end of her two-year programme.

Ashleigh Gooch
Curriculum Award for English & Media

Ashleigh works incredibly hard in Level 2 English and has an extremely mature attitude. She is making quick progress in her written work, which is both clear and engaging to read! Ashleigh is always willing to help other students in class and she communicates well with her peers. She is also interested in current affairs and issues, demonstrating good understanding of the world around her. Ashleigh’s written pieces are GCSE standard already and she should be very proud of the work she is producing.

Rebekah Martin
Curriculum Award for English & Media

Rebekah is a gifted English Language and Literature student with a perceptive understanding of texts and the ability to explore language in detail. She is on track to achieve a top grade in English. Rebekah intends to study English at University and has received an unconditional offer from one of the Russel Group Universities.

Andrew Sawdon
Curriculum Award for English & Media

Andrew is an excellent student who always tries his best in BTEC Creative Media Production. Andrew displays professional conduct and attitude to learning. He is a team player and a great communicator. His movie poster project showed creative flair and high levels of skill.

Leah Cooper
Curriculum Award for Health, Caring and Early Years

Leah has sustained an excellent attendance record and is currently on target to achieve an overall D*D* grade. in addition to the demanding coursework, Leah manages to fit in  part-time employment at Asda. Leah is doing exceptionally well in her weekly placement at Ings Plus and is using her vocational experiences from placement to further her education through applying for the Level 4 Certificate in Health and Social Care at Hull University. It is Leah’s intention  to apply for the Nursing degree the year after. This is a well-deserved award in recognition of Leah’s commitment to her studies.

Abbie Vickerton
Curriculum Award for Health, Caring and Early Years

Abbie has worked consistently well over the last 18 months and has achieved Distinction grades for all of the units completed so far. Abbie is anticipated to complete the Level 3 Health and Social Care qualification with a phenomenal D*D*D* grade. Abbie has applied to study Primary Education and has already had a number of university offers. I have no doubt that Abbie will be extremely successful whilst at university and wish her all the best with this next stage in her life. A well deserved award for a committed and hard-working student.

Elouise Short
Curriculum Award for Health, Caring and Early Years

Elouise has demonstrated her commitment to her studies through  the outstanding 100% attendance for the Children’s Play, Learning and Development and Maths classes. This superb attendance is really paying off with Elouise achieving Distinction grades for her coursework. To further demonstrate her commitment to being successful on this qualification, Elouise is starting a voluntary placement at Thanet Primary School in January. Well done Elouise.

Roya Nazari
Curriculum Award for Health, Caring and Early Years

Roya has progressed from Level 2 to Level 3 in Health and Social Care. Her attendance has always been excellent, the quality of her work outstanding and her commitment to her studies second-to-none.  She has a positive and empathetic manner when working with service users in sessions and is always happy to come in to college early to prepare for sessions.  Roya always volunteers to stay late and clear away at the end of practical sessions as she views this role as an essential part of the job; this is an outstanding work ethic which will assist her in future years. Roya’s attitude and level of commitment resulted in her achieving an excellent outcome on Level 2, and this trend is continuing  on Level 3 with Roya achieving excellent grades. Well done Roya, a well-deserved award.

Dillan Crawforth
Curriculum Award for Humanities

Dillan always gives 100% to everything he does in A Level Geography – classwork, homework and coursework. He achieves consistently high grades in assessments and is aiming to push himself even higher. On a recent residential to Snowdonia he really pushed himself and supported his team during the course work activities.

Harry Medforth
Curriculum Award for Humanities
Harry’s commitment to A Level History and BTEC Applied Law is excellent. He consistently achieves above his target grade in History and gives outstanding contributions in class.  Harry also participates in extra-curricular activities to support his studies. Harry is persistent, keen and committed to proceeding to University to study Law.

Abigail Wheeldon
Curriculum Award for Humanities
Abigail gives 100% commitment to A Level History, she meets deadlines and has outstanding attendance over the 2 years.  She consistently achieves at a high level and often helps out at open evenings.  Abigail is making very good progress in completing her coursework, the reason for the landing of the Spanish Armada. She intends to study History at University and has received and off from Hull. ivermectin praziquantel for cats

Kerie-Beth Williams
Curriculum Award for Humanities

Kerie is an exemplary A Level Law student. Her performance in assessments is consistently outstanding, usually achieving an A*. She is clearly a very conscientious students and carries out both class work and independent learning with a great deal of diligence. Her attendance also stands at 100% and her attitude and commitment to her studies are excellent. Well done Kerie.

Kelsey Hirst
Curriculum Award for IT

For a student that admitted she struggles with ICT Kelsey has become increasingly skilled in application and theory. She started ICT in level 2 as a stepping stone onto other things but she found a subject that she could grow in. Kelsey has a perfect attendance and assessment record. She is skilled at organising herself and works extremely well in a team. The whole ICT department are proud of the progress Kelsey has made.

Alfie Oliver
Curriculum Award for IT

Alfie is a naturally gifted student that produces work of the highest quality. He takes his studies extremely seriously and this is demonstrated in the quality of work he produces and the commitment he shows to the course in his 100% attendance and assessment record. Alfie is always keen to assist the department where needed and his work is an example to the rest of the department.

Jack Walkington
Curriculum Award for IT

Jack has a perfect record for both assessment and attendance at college. He is working at the highest level and is a valued addition to the classroom. Always volunteering for extra events, he is keen to make the most of the college experience. Jack clearly has a passion and energy for ICT that will take him far in the industry.

Thomas Whitehand
Curriculum Award for IT

Thomas has an excellent attitude to learning with 100% attendance, perfect work record and volunteering at every opportunity to help the college. Tom always tries hard and is a conscientious and hard working student who’s confidence has grown considerably since September. Along with his confidence the quality of his work has improved consistently. He always takes on board feedback and uses this to achieve higher.

Katie Anderson
Curriculum Award for Maths

Katie’s achievement in A Level Maths  has been outstanding. Katie achieved Grade A in the Mechanics and Statistics paper. She is an extremely hard working and ambitious student who is always keen to learn new areas of Mathematics. Homework is often completed early and to a high standard. We look forward to another set of excellent results in the summer. Well done Katie.

James Booth
Curriculum Award for Maths

James’s outstanding ability along with his sustained commitment and great motivation have enabled him to reach a very high standard in all aspects of his studies. He has shown that he has a lot of natural ability and an impressive capacity for hard work. James has extremely clear and logical thought processes. He quickly understands new topics and always works at a much faster pace than his peers. the ease with which he grasps new concepts has meant that he often works at much higher-level questions. James enjoys solving the more challenging problems set as extension exercises. He has used mathematical language very effectively throughout his work and confidently understands mathematical arguments. James is an outstanding mathematician in every respect. well done.

Cora Parkinson
Curriculum Award for Maths

Cora has impressed her teachers with her excellent attitude and commitment to the course and to college. Although enthusiastic and interested in the subject, Cora lacked confidence in her own ability at the start of the A Level course. She would frequently ask for help on questions that she was well capable of doing and would need regular reassurance. Over the course of the term, however, she developed a more secure knowledge of algebraic manipulation, mathematical vocabulary and key concepts and this resulted in her making excellent progress. Cora is a very able mathematician and is commended for her attention to detail, which has contributed to her excellent progress so far. An excellent start. Well done Cora.

Samuel Witty
Curriculum Award for Maths

Sam started the GCSE Maths course in November. Shortly after starting, Sam received the excellent news from his previous school that his paper had been remarked and that he had been succeful in achieving a higher grade. This meant that Sam did not need to resit his Maths GCSE. However Sam was determined to attain an even higher grade and has continued to attend many extra lessons and sat the exam in November. He deserves to do well. Well done Sam.

Patryk Malankowski
Curriculum Award for Public Services

Patryk is persistent in his approach to achievement. He is a consistent student who applies himself to everything that is asked by the course team. An exceptional team player who is always there for his fellow students to help and support when needed. Patryk intends to go to University to study higher security at CU Scarborough and his teachers anticipate that he will be a tremendous success.

George Medforth
Curriculum Award for Public Services

George has had a exceptional start to the course. He puts in vast amounts of effort with his studies far exceeding expectations and his attendance is exemplary. He works to deadlines and is very focussed on his future goals. George is keen to be involved in all aspects of College life and often seeks further clarification with assignments to access higher grades.

Eusebiu Pirlog
Curriculum Award for Public Services

Sebi has made considerable progress with both his work as well as improving in other areas of his studies. He is working well towards achievement of his MTG. Attendance is always excellent and Sebi is an excellent support to the rest of his group.  Sebi’s confidence has sky rocketed since joining our College and especially considering his recent arrival to our country from Romania, he is performing admirably.

Lauren Stapleton
Curriculum Award for Public Services

Lauren puts in 100% to her studies and is an excellent attender. She is working to exceed her MTG in all areas of her studies and her confidence has grown over the course of the year. Lauren takes on board feedback given and really has shown consistent improvement to her studies.  Lauren would not be first to say she is doing well as she just gets on with it, but her teachers wanted to recognise her commitment to achieving the best she can.

Victoria Byelova
Curriculum Award for Science

Victoria excels in science. She is dedicated, hard working, organised, articulate and erudite. When competing in the chemistry analyst competition, Victoria and the team performed extremely well and this was testament to Victoria’s ability to work effectively as part of a team. She applies herself fully in lessons and completes all work set to an excellent standard. Victoria will find great success at university based on her accomplishments at Wilberforce College and she is well deserving of this nomination.

Nathan Houlton
Curriculum Award for Science

Nathan is clearly passionate about science and this combined with his strong skills in organisation and communication will take him far. He asks pertinent questions about the topic at hand and thinks deeply in order to make progress. Nathan thinks in an analytical and evaluative manner and takes a focussed approach to practical investigations in the lab. A further area of strength can be seen in Nathan’s written work. Through this he has shown excellent skills in research and he has met all deadlines, achieving the highest grades possible in all given assignments. Whilst discussing the importance of communicating Science Nathan made thought provoking points and he has a bright future ahead of him. 

Mostafa Jafari
Curriculum Award for Science

Mostafa is hard working, articulate, considerate and intelligent. He asks meaningful questions during lessons to deepen his knowledge of science. During group work Mostafa collaborates with others well and always seeks ways to improve. He is clearly interested in science and backs this up with his conscientious and dedicated approach to his studies. Through asking meaningful questions and applying himself fully he is making superb levels of progress.

Nokwazi Simelane
Curriculum Award for Science

Nokwazi has shown determination and an excellent work ethic during her study of A-level Biology.  She is committed to achieving the highest grades possible and her goal of becoming a mental health nurse is admirable. In lessons Nokwazi shows superb skills in communication, organisation, analysis and evaluation and she has the ability to see things from the perspectives of others – traits which will see her well in her future career. I have no hesitation in putting Nokwazi’s name forward for this award as she not only puts the work in to develop her own knowledge and skills, but also helps other students in the group to grow in confidence along with her.

Rosie Houghton
Curriculum Award for Social Sciences

Rosie has put an enormous amount of effort into Psychology this year and this has led to her making a great deal of progress. She always completes work to a high standard and works well independently. She has a very responsible attitude to her own learning and takes pride in all she does. Rosie’s hard work and resilience has been instrumental in increasing her achievements up to grade As in her most recent formal assessments. We recognise this an outstanding achievement and congratulate her in her steps to be successful in this subject.

Aaron Jefferies
Curriculum Award for Social Sciences

Aaron has shown an enormous commitment to his improvement in psychology. He has attended two hours of extra lessons every week without fail and done many hours of independent study. As a result of his efforts, he has improved his assessment by 5 grades. He is an excellent example to others of how hard work and adopting a resilient attitude to learning leads to success. Well done.

George Moore
Curriculum Award for Social Sciences

George excelled in Y1 gaining one of the top marks for both units in Criminology. He is highly organised, supportive of other students in the class and works very hard both in and out of lesson time. He is a very willing contributor to discussions in lessons and makes some very insightful and relevant points. his interest in the subject is clear and his willingness to work hard and apply thought to his work are a sign of his self-motivation and maturity. George is an extremely determined young man who strives towards success in everything he does. He is enthusiastic to fulfil his potential by expanding his genuine interest in all things criminal.

Danielle Kennedy
Curriculum Award for Social Sciences
Danielle quickly settled into her A level study of Sociology and has demonstrated all the qualities required of a high achieving and successful student. She has shown great commitment to the subject and consistently produces work to a very high standard. Her attitude in class is exemplary and she produces excellent work in her independent study time. Danielle is a pleasure to teach and sets a very high example to others.

Megan Burgin
Curriculum Award for Sport & Performance

Megan has achieved Distinction for all units studied over the 2 years of the course.  She is currently playing for Hull KR ladies team.  She shows a high level of commitment to her studies.

Oscar Nozedar
Curriculum Award for Sport & Performance

Oscar is consistently hard working in all aspects of the course.  He demonstrates independence outside of college to achieve the best possible grade.  Has secured additional coaching experience with a local company after college to develop his skills. Oscar captains the rugby team and demonstrates excellent leadership qualities, both on and off the field. what is the difference between ivermectin and worm paste

Jack Rawson
Curriculum Award for Sport & Performance

Jack shows resilience to his studies after enrolling at the college.  He is keen to achieve top grades and shows a high level of grit and determination. He has been a key member of the College’s 1st team for Football who are currently second in the AoC league.

Lillie-May Wilkinson
Curriculum Award for Sport & Performance

Lillie is a very hard working and conscientious student.  She manages her studies alongside a heavy training load at a local swimming club, she competes regularly for Yorkshire. She has progressed well in assessments to date. As a testament to her commitment to achieving the best she can, Lillie requested a significant amount of extra work to take with her on a recent family holiday.

Ahlam Abdo
Curriculum Award for Visual Arts

This is an award for thorough commitment to and enjoyment in her work.  Ahlem has made great progress on the extended diploma in Art and Design –  she enjoys producing more work than asked for and to get really stuck in to the nature of the work. Her Illustration assignment shows how she excels with developing the most thorough work and how she really wants to achieve the best she can. Ahlem shows such a positive attitude in everything she tackles.

Miah Alexander
Curriculum Award for Visual Arts

Miah is one of a few students who undertake the three A Levels in Visual Arts – Fine Art, Photography and Textiles. She has managed the workload admirably and developed over time into an individual who loves everything she does. Her work shows strong creative skills and also has very creative and challenging ideas, and she has shown that she is not afraid of challenges working on large scale paintings which would frighten many students. Miah spends many hours on her work and is determined to do as well as she can.

Michaela Kay
Curriculum Award for Visual Arts

Michaela is now on our Foundation course having done Graphics and Photography with us. She has developed into a really creative individual who is now developing her own projects for her course and thriving in the demands of Foundation Studies. She is well organised, positive and proactive in her work where she enjoys developing the new skills that she learns as her courses have progressed. It has been a pleasure to teach Michaela and watch her grow over time to see her determination and tenacity move her forward when giving up is the easy option out. Michaela will always reject that option and choose to keep improving

Caitlin Pearson
Curriculum Award for Visual Arts

Caitlin has started her courses in a really positive way and has thrown herself into the work for Fine Art, Photography and Textiles. She has also helped with department activities and is showing herself to be a fine ambassador for the college creating a positive experience for visiting students. Caitlin clearly wants to get the most from her courses and we anticipate with her attitude and pride over what she does that she can excel here.

Awards that recognise outstanding subject achievement, kindly sponsored by the University of Hull.

Every department at the College nominated one person to receive a special department award. The students chosen for these awards were nominated by their class teachers after much deliberation.

Rebecca Bacon
Special Curriculum Award for Business, MFL and Hair & Beauty

Rebecca has consistently demonstrated all the qualities of a committed, enthusiastic and genuine student. Throughout her BTEC Extended Diploma in Business she has impressed her teachers by the manner in which she approaches each task. Her mature and industrious attitude is reflected in her work, which is of a high standard, completed to time and immaculately presented. Rebecca is to be warmly congratulated on her performance to date

 James Booth
Special Curriculum Award for Engineering

James has been nominated for this award because of his attitude to work. James is determined to learn new skills and get things right. He might not always get the correct answer first time but he endeavours to improve and in the end has achieved excellent results. In addition James has taken an active part in the Greenpower Race Car project, giving up his free time to support the team.

Rosie Houghton
Special Curriculum Award for English & Media

Rosie consistently strives for excellence, for example in raising a recent A* assessment on Romantic poetry to the very top level. She worked hard over the summer to prepare her comparative coursework study, making an innovative text choice (Herland and 1984). Rosie has already completed this to at least A grade and is developing sophisticated points. Rosie is always responsive to feedback and makes excellent contributions to discussion.

Ameenah Bhamji
Special Curriculum Award for Health, Caring & Early Years

In Science, Ameenah has a phenomenal work ethic and has demonstrated this when handing in detailed and well presented reports on topics ranging from current regulations and legislation in the scientific workplace, to the organisation of the human body – from cells to organ systems. Ameenah is hardworking and diligent, coursework is well detailed and involves maximum effort. Ameenah often carries out additional work to that set, a really positive trait in a student. This is in addition to the outstanding work produced for Health and Social Care, which is always of the highest standard, in a great deal of depth, well researched, and demonstrating excellent evaluative skills. Ameenah has been offered a place at university to study Biomedical Science.

George Moore
Special Curriculum Award for Humanities

George is an exceptional Law student. His commitment to his studies is evidenced by the high grades he consistently achieves in A Level Law assessments. He is a very proactive student in all respects, he engages fully in lessons, frequently offering his opinion on a particular area of law or topical issue. He is diligent in terms of independent learning and research outside of lessons. he also has excellent attendance (100%). In terms of extra-curricular activities, he participated fully in the mock trial at Nottingham Justice System, playing the role of the judge and using his own brand of humour to entertain the rest of the students (and staff). On top of this, he has also undertaken various legal placements and was commended for the work experience he undertook with Hill City Council. After attending an interview, George has secured a coveted place at York University to study Law. Well done George.

Sophie Peacock 
Special Curriculum Award for IT

Sophie has been an outstanding member of the department since joining. Her work is always to an exemplary standard that goes above the BTEC requirements. She has grown in both confidence and ability within ICT over the last two years. She will be valued in whatever role she will go on to. Her work on event driven programming was amazing and her write up was of significantly high university standard. Sophie also excels in digital graphics, games design and production and is looking forward to getting a foothold in this industry in the summer.

Lucy Dalton
Special Curriculum Award for Maths
Lucy has had an extremely successful first year in A Level Mathematics, achieving grade A in the mock exam. She has shown she has a lot of natural ability in Mathematics and an impressive capacity for hard work and determination. Lucy has continued to be an extremely hard working, ambitious student and is making excellent progress. An outstanding mathematician in every respect. We look forward to excellent results in the summer. Well done Lucy.

Kayleigh Jantowski
Special Curriculum Award for Public Services

Kayleigh works exceptionally hard to achieve high grades on her course. She puts in extra effort in order to exceed the grades she needs for University and has persistently pushed herself outside of her comfort zone in many areas of the course. Kayleigh intends to study Law and has been focussed on this goal since joining in 2017. She has received offers from all five of the Universities she has applied too.

Special Curriculum Award for Science

Lillie has shown tremendous amounts of enthusiasm during her study of both A-level Biology and Forensic and Criminal Investigation. This enthusiasm has led to her being highly successful during her time at college and I have no doubts that Lillie will have a successful career in the future. When completing practical investigations Lillie works with her group to obtain high quality data and she reflects on her practice to look for ways to improve. Lillie is organised, conscientious, positive and demonstrates excellent communicative skills. She regularly helps other students both in her Biology and Forensics lessons and also students from the year below outside of her timetabled lessons. Lillie has shown confidence and strong leadership skills whilst at College, particularly when explaining Biology practical’s to prospective students and parents at open evenings. It was great to see the interest she generated in others at these evenings and the fact that Lillie is willing to give up her free time to help the department is one example out of many of why she is deserving of this award.

Henry Allan
Special Curriculum Award for Social Sciences

Henry has shown remarkable efforts to learn complex and abstract ideas and theories within Religious Studies. His knowledge and understanding of ethical theories of natural moral law and Aristolean theories of moral behaviour are excellent. He can argue philosophical points such as the evidence for and against the existence of God with ease both in written form and verbally. His attendance is excellent and he fully participates in all lessons. His broad historical knowledge is a welcome addition to debates and discussions and is appreciated by both students and teachers. Henry has made huge progress this year having achieved high grades in his latest assessments from a much lower benchmark earlier in his studies. His interest and efforts are to be celebrated and have set him up with a good chance of success in the future.

Jeremy Seddon
Special Curriculum Award for Sport & Performance
Jeremy has progressed onto Level 3 sport from Level 2 Sport. He has shown resilience and determination to achieve good grades in all areas.  Attendance is 100% for Sport.  Jeremy has overcome some challenges to be successful on the course.

Ben Cook
Special Curriculum Award for Visual Arts

In his time in Graphics Ben has done everything he could possibly do to make his work the best it possibly can be. He is a pleasure to have in lessons as he is always ready to work with ideas and approaches that show him working in the way a graphic designer should. We anticipate Ben will be much valued for his skills and work ethic in an industry that functions with stressful deadlines and demands high standards.

The Prize Awards

These prestigious awards recognise our extremely high performing students who have gone that extra mile, both in and out of their studies.

Kindly sponsored by the Hull Rotary Club, these awards are our longest established awards, and recognise outstanding commitment and service within the College and the wider community.

The Award for Outstanding Commitment:

Morgan Edwards: Rotary Award for Community Services

This individual completed a very successful first placement at Cavendish Primary School. She was so enthusiastic following this successful opportunity that she volunteered to work one day a week and has done so since February 2017. She currently works with Year 1 pupils were she supports them with their English and Maths development as well as any other duties required to support the teacher.

Grace Smith: Rotary Award for Community Services

Our next student is a sergeant in the Air Cadets. She has been a cadet for the past 3 years and has progressed through the ranks and has developed and achieved many skills and commendations such as a first aid certificate and leadership award. She undertook a practical activity in Germany patrolling a mock village. She has certification for safe use of rifles and is currently studying for a certification in radio communications. I feel i should have mentioned this during our F&T procedure. She has volunteered at Dove House hospice since June 2017. She has developed many skills such as communication, organisation and customer service during this time. She is also a carer for Grandpa, who has dementia, and ensures he is eating and looking after himself. She is targeted for D*D*D* in her Health ans Social Care course and has also secured an interview at Hull University for Paramedic Science.

Charlotte Mitchell: Enterprise Award

This student enrolled at Wilberforce College with a clear career aim to become a physiotherapist. To assist her in achieving this ambition she has undertaken a series of work placements to gain a better understanding of the role. Her first placement was at Ganton School, a special school for children with both learning and physical disabilities.  She shadowed the physiotherapist who worked with the children during the school day. She then went on to spend a day at Hull Royal Infirmary shadowing the team of physiotherapists as they worked with patients across various departments, including orthopaedics, outpatients and neurosurgery.  She also observed the physiotherapists as they worked with patients who have had strokes and those with respiratory problems. Finally she is currently on placement at Warners Health Ltd working alongside physiotherapists, observing various treatment procedures including chill-cryotherapy.  She has been shown modules of treatment, the rehabilitation process, and patient pathways from referral to end of treatment. All of these placements, coupled with visits to and talks from universities have helped her to ensure that physiotherapy is a career path that she wishes to follow, and we are sure she will be successful in.

George Moore: Enterprise Award

Since commencing his studies at Wilberforce College, our next student has taken every opportunity available to him to explore his future career options through employer engagement activities – having taken part in over 30 so far.  Originally undecided on his future career path he decided to explore his options by taking part in the ‘Preparing for Teaching’ enrichment course.  Listening to talks from universities about their teaching degree courses, from a local primary school teacher and Wilberforce College staff about their classroom experiences, as well as undertaking a placement at Malet Lambert school working with the Performing Arts Department, all gave him the knowledge and experience he needed.  The information he wrote in his placement booklet is the best that staff had ever seen. However alongside this he was enjoying his studies in Law and Criminology.  To add to his knowledge of this field of work he has attended talks from experts in the field, including local lawyers and a CPS Prosecutor, visited the national Justice Museum, listened to talks from and visited universities and undertaken a very successful placement within the Hull City Council Law Department.  Again the information and level of detail in his placement booklet showed his interest in the subject and his keenness to explore his career options further. His Performing Arts studies have given him the opportunity to speak with those with a knowledge in assisting refugees and immigrants, as part of the performances the group made of Warsan Shire’s immigration poem ‘Home’.  Described by his teachers as a diligent, conscientious, enthusiastic and reliable student with an excellent attendance record, and now with plans to go on to study Law at university, we are sure that he has a fantastic career ahead of him.

Alice Longden: Excellence in Performance Award

This student joined us in September from Malet Lambert School to study a programme that focuses solely on the performing arts with a GCSE Maths resit. She had studied Drama at school but both Dance and Music technology were brand new areas of exploration for her. Her attitude and progress are both exemplary! She has thrown herself boldly into all facets of her study and is confidently achieving her distinction MTG, but moreover, it is her work ethos of which we are all incredibly inspired by and proud of. Many of her peers had subject specific experience where she had gaps – already arriving with both practical and theoretic understanding that she had to quickly get up to pace with. She did this with enthusiasm and zeal, but really wowed us with her integrity in terms of application and interpretation. From her work in the cast of the professional production ‘Fagin’s Twist’ with the team at Back To Ours, and her solo dance development and performance, to her bold work in theatre whereby she has taken on guidance to progress radically in each and every lesson, she demonstrates all the skills & qualities that you could desire in an excellent student. She is a relatively quiet yet diligent young woman, whose sheer determination and hard work ethos will see her succeed not just at college, but in whatever career path she decides to pursue, she is a credit to the department and we are proud to be able to support her on her creative journey!

The next prize award is in memory of ‘H’ Kubicki who was a teacher that helped set up the college in 1988.  ‘H’, as he was known, was a teacher of chemistry who led the introduction of photography as part of the college curriculum.

Ellie Arthur: H Kubicki Prize Award

Our next student is an artist who has really impressed her Photography teachers through her creative and thorough approaches to her work. She has thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course so far and taken on new ideas to explore further in own independent work. She always has work well up to date and will be enthusiastic about being asked to push on further with extending her ideas on each lesson’s work. She is a positive force in the room and her classmates benefit from this as she exudes this positivity and love for her Photography. We hope that she will continue to do great things in Photography as she endeavours to master technical skills and at the same time bring creative approaches to using them. She stands out in the year as a real star in the making.

We also have our team award for STEM.

Victoria Byelova, Lucy Dalton & Chloe Earl: STEM Team Award

This team entered the regional round of the Chemistry Analyst Competition, where they competed against students from several other institutions including Hymers and Wyke at Hull University. They are the first all female team of chemists to represent Wilberforce College. They were faced with a challenging set of problems to solve by using various different practical procedures, analysing the results gathered and interpreting this data. We were thrilled to find out that this team was awarded first place in the regional finals and was selected to compete in the national finals at Bangor University. The group battled it out with a number of regional final winners from around the country and showed excellent levels of team work, problem solving and determination. We are really proud of the way in which Chloe, Lucy and Victoria conducted themselves and represented the College.

The University of Hull Excellence Award recognises the strong and long-standing partnership between the College and the University.  It is awarded annually to a student whose academic achievement is simply outstanding.

Victoria Byelova: University of Hull Excellence Award

This student thrives on the opportunities that education, and in this case Sixth form College study offers.  She joined the College from Malet Lambert School with ten excellent GCSE grades all at grade A*/9 or A/8 plus D* in Level 2 IT.  Studying four A Levels in Maths, Physics, Biology and Religious Studies, plus an EPQ, She has consistently worked at the highest standard throughout, and is on track for an outstanding set of A Levels. You will have already seen this student on the stage earlier as one of the Wilberforce team winning the Regional heat of the National Schools Analyst competition and representing us in the final at Bangor University. Her ambition is to study Natural Science at the University of Cambridge, and with her academic gifts and personal qualities of determination and single minded focus, I am sure that she will be successful and thrive.  For her consistently excellent academic performance since the day she joined the College, Victoria Byelova is awarded the University of Hull Excellence Award.

 The Principal’s Award for Achievement is an award that goes to a student whose performance is considered be outstanding.  This may be through achieving the highest grades, but it can also be a recognition of outstanding progress both academically and personally, often in the face of considerable challenges, and that’s certainly the case this year.

Lauren Boynton: Principal’s Award for Achievement

She is a very good student, predicted B/C for A Level Psychology and hopefully D* for her BTECs. She has a severe visual impairment but it is very much a hidden disability in that she doesn’t use a cane or appear to be any different to other students but has to work so much harder to achieve the same result. All of her resources have to be enlarged – for instance what would be one page for other students, when enlarged is 4 pages for Lauren and she has to bring the paper close to her eye to read etc. Lauren is making excellent progress and is well on course to achieve her MTG or above. She adapts well to situations in the class and works well with other students. She has an excellent attitude to studies and always completes work to a high standard. She is developing strong independent learning techniques and would cope well in HE. She had been an exemplary student, she has put in a lot of effort in writing and recording. She should apply this to every aspect of her education. Lauren is working hard in all subjects to achieve her target grades. She is now planning the next steps and she intends to study psychology at the University of Hull. She is a pleasure to support, and we are confident she will make a great success of her future. The Principal’s Award for Achievement goes to Lauren Boynton.