What can a Careers Manager do for You?

As it’s National Careers Week, we thought we’d introduce you to our Careers Manager, Sarah Didsbury.

Once you move from Year 11 to sixth form college, it’s time to really put plans in place to get you that dream job. That’s why we encourage to you start engaging with our Careers Manager and the service she provides. It’s never too early to start thinking about your options and start using our huge archive of online resources.

Sarah offers one-to-one advice sessions, class talks and workshops. can i give my dog horse ivermectin She’ll also give you advice on a variety of topics including career pathways, finance and scholarships, writing CVs and job applications, preparing for university admissions and applying through UCAS.

Sarah has a clear vision to ensure you succeed on your chosen career pathway. ivermectina hepatotoxicidad Not yet decided on your plan? Don’t worry Sarah’s aim is for every student to leave Wilberforce knowing what they want to achieve in their career, and how to start that journey.

She told us: “I have worked as a Careers Adviser for over ten years, after starting my career setting up a community project to help local people get back into employment after my degree in English & Communication in Sheffield.  I have qualified up to level 6 in Careers Guidance and Development, and also qualified as a Careers Leader two years ago.  I love the variety and constant change of working in the career guidance sector- it keeps you on your toes! ” 

“My worst job:  Weekend Assistant in a shoe shop where I ended up doing the manager’s job for £2 per hour – but it made me resilient and taught me to toughen up as a shy 16 year old!  I also got 25% discount on all the shoes which was a bonus.”

“My best job:  What I do now!  I love the variety of the job – helping new students every day, planning events, working with other local Careers Advisers on ideas, and most importantly, seeing students progress on to their next destination.  I have worked at Wilberforce for almost seven years, with an amazing team who just want to help students find something they are passionate about and make it their future.”

“What you need to know about me:  I am firm but fair.  I want students to achieve their absolute best potential and my aim is for every student to leave Wilberforce knowing what they want to achieve in their career, and how to start that journey.  I will always go above and beyond to support students. ivermectin covid nature   If you ever need to bribe me for a favour, I love Jaffa Cakes, dolly mixture and cheesy Wotsits.”

“My advice for you in a nutshell:  The best skills I can try and help you develop are resilience, patience and the ability to take a step back and listen to others.  Take responsibility, accept help when it is offered, and most importantly – BE YOURSELF.  Things don’t always come together first time; but you learn from every experience,so take every day as it comes and work hard to secure a career you will really enjoy!”

You can book an appointment with Sarah all year round, including college holidays. You can book an appointment via email sld@wilberforce.ac.uk or call 01482 711 688 (ext 134).