Principal’s Blog #3: Update on calculating grades for GCSE, AS and A Level subjects

I understand that in the absence of the detail, rumours can develop. Please do not take notice of such random messages. ivermectin counseling points Clearly there is more information to follow, but here is the detail we have:

Your final grade will include an element of your teacher’s grading of your work and overall performance, noting how that compares with others in your classes, plus a contribution from any assessed work you have already done, such as coursework assignments. The final grade awarded will not simply be your target grade or the grade from the last mock exam.

The College will be given a set of instructions telling us how to calculate the grades from the information above, and this will almost certainly include other information such as your GCSE average at the time you came to college. ivermectina para que sirve dosis

Your grade will be calculated and awarded to you by the Awarding Body, not by the College on a 2020 ‘results day’ which we think might be in July.

I will share more details with you as we get them, hopefully in the next week. In the meantime, please remember that it is your overall education, learning and knowledge that prepares you for your next steps, not just the sitting of an exam. You should continue to learn, completing work as directed by your teachers, along with your own learning and skills development and preparations for your future.

In the coming weeks, we will send you further information in relation to moving on from the College and planning your future which we hope you will find helpful.

Details on BTEC are still to follow and please remember that College is closed until further notice

Here is the link to further DFE information for parents and students;

Stay safe and well