waterline summit

This week our Biology and Geography students have been fully immersed in the Waterline Summit campaign. Taking part in Hackathons, Zero-carbon challenges, plus lots more.

The Waterline campaign brings together the University of Hull with Marketing Humber Bondholders and leading regional, national and international businesses to support the region’s transition to a zero-carbon economy and to combat climate change through their clean growth strategies, to build our resilience to water and create a collective ambition for the Humber in decarbonisation.

Team Wilberforce took part in two fantastic challenges to create innovate ideas to reduce carbon footprint. The first was to introduce more ways that the college could become a more sustainable and green environment. With this in mind they organised a ‘Zero Carbon Day’ for all students and staff and are working to implement policy changes to help create a genuinely green college. Our students became finalists of the event, and now have the opportunity to work with a leading decarbonisation business in the region.

MicrosoftTeams-image (3)

As part of The Waterline Summit 2021, major event partners, Orsted hosted an innovation ‘hackathon’ event at Aura-Innovation Centre.  The competition was a Dragon’s Den type challenge, where a group of business experts (including Orsted’s VP) listened to a 2 minute bid from each team. The teams had a couple of hours to knock the bid together (to do the ‘hack’, hence ‘hackathon’) with input from various experts and helpers. The winning bid from Wilberforce was “The Clothes Library” where second hand clothes can be taken to a library or community centre and exchange them for other items. The project will regenerate high streets, re-engage communities with the concept of borrowing and reuse, hopefully rejuvenate libraries and reduce waste. Other ideas that the students came up with, as an extension to the project, was to hold regular workshops on repair and making clothing, develop an app so you can record your borrowing and score points and even have an exchange with other communities such as our twin towns of Freetown and Rekjavik. The tag line of the event was given as “Be More Greta” 

We are extremely proud to announce that out of all the business entrepreneurs, university graduates and fellow college students, Team Wilberforce won the challenge and will be given the opportunity to develop the idea and turn it in to reality with the held of Waterline Summit partners.


Congratulations Team Wilberforce!