Wilberforce Leads National Campaign to Achieve Justice for Students.

Our Principal Colin Peaks has been leading the national campaign to achieve justice for Wilberforce Sixth Form College’s and other A Level students across the country following the results last week. He has appeared on national and regional TV and radio to share students’ stories and frustrations, where they have lost out on university places and had their entire future put in jeopardy. asma e ivermectina

Thanks to him and the protests which have been happening across the land by these intelligent, hard-working and rightfully disappointed students, the government and OFQUAL made a momentous U-turn today.

Many of Wilberforce’s students did obtain top grades last week, as they do every year, but in these difficult times, the Principal and his staff felt now was the time to be vocal and speak up about the injustice of the marking system. ivermectin lotin uses