Parent Voice

We recently held our information evening for parents of new students, to show them around the site and hold a Q&A with our senior management team.

We asked the parents several questions about what they think of the college and how they think their son / daughter is getting on with their studies. We were thrilled with the results, here’s a summary…

What does the College do well?

  • 97% agreed that their son / daughter had made a good start at College.
  • 100% agreed that their son / daughter had access to appropriate support within the College.

Comments from parents included:

  • Students seem to have settled in well.
  • Truly and deeply care about our students.
  • Support of students – channel them in the right direction.
  • Interact well with parents and students.
  • Offer financial support to the students who need it.
  • Caring environment.
  • Good communication with Parents and Students.
  • Keeping parents informed about everything that is going on.
  • Creates a happy and safe environment.
  • Provide a point of contact with the Progress Mentors.
  • Very committed to the students success, happiness and confidence.
  • Supportive/Student support.
  • Supportive learning environment.
  • Great access to resources to support learning.
  • The teaching is very good/Good teaching standards.
  • Treating students as adults and not children.
  • First impressions are good.
We also asked what the College could do to improve, please see below suggestions and our response…

(This information was gained from a survey of participating parents at an Information Evening for parents of new students.)

"Provide more support with UCAS applications"


Support to assist students completing UCAS applications is offered through the “UCAS Help” service which is available in the college’s open access IT area every day from the beginning of September to the college internal deadline of the autumn half term holiday.

"Timetables seem random, can you reduce time and breaks between lessons so further study can be made outside"


Students’ timetables are very different to those experienced at school and are designed to give time for independent study and learning, valuable as progression towards Higher Education and the world of work. Students are also encouraged to use their free time within the college day for completing UCAS applications, using the library and computer suites, accessing the ‘Virtual Learning Environment’ or study support services and gaining work experience.