Chloe Fixter

Final year student

Chloe Fixter is a second year student who’s studying A Level Biology, A Level Photography and BTEC Applied Science. She wants to become a midwife and is delighted to have been accepted to study Adult Nursing at the University of Hull. 

With a bright future in midwifery in her sights she explains how her journey at Wilberforce has developed her personally, and has also helped her to reach her goal of going to university.

“Honestly I have really enjoyed my time at Wilberforce, the teaching has been fantastic! I came from Winifred Holtby Academy and knew straight away that I wanted to attend Wilberforce after looking at the pass rates for my particular courses. The support during my enrolment visit was absolutely brilliant, as I had no idea what third subject to choose. Thanks to the photography team at Wilberforce I was invited to study on their course and it was an amazing decision to join their team. Studying photography at Wilberforce was a great learning and personal experience and one I can take with me into the future.  

All my teachers at Wilberforce ensured I got an insight into what career choices would be available to me if I took the subjects they were offering. I was advised to take up volunteering and work placements to build my confidence and communication skills ready for my future. The college help massively with career building, whether that’s helping you figure out what you want to do next, or helping you gain the skills and knowledge you need to pursue your next steps after college. I’ve not only become so much more academic, I have grown massively in confidence since attending Wilberforce; this is thanks to an amazing group of staff who have helped me come out of my shell throughout the two years. The team in Student Services helped me so much through my time at the college. I have struggled with my mental health for a while, but the Wilberforce team as a whole never failed to help me out when times became hard. The team have been with me every step of the way, supporting me and giving me the confidence I needed to carry on. Also, during the Coronavirus pandemic when the college closed, I was so anxious and scared about the outcome, but each and every member of staff was on standby ready for me to email if I needed help or if I needed support from Student Services or my counsellor. And our Principal, Colin, is constantly updating us on our next steps to help us achieve our best. There are no words that could possibly describe the amazing support I’ve had from the college, and that’s not just through the situation we are in at the moment, that’s been at all times. 

Over the two years I’ve spent at Wilberforce I have learnt that student life is one of the best experiences, and I have gained friendships that I’ll carry with me for years to come. I will never forget my experiences at Wilberforce, I will take with me the memories that we made, I will take the laughs and the tears, and not forget a single day of college life. It’s been an amazing two years and for that I want to thank the whole team of staff at Wilberforce Sixth Form College.

Chloe Fixter