Emily Foot

1st year student

Our 1st year student Emily Foot is already sure that she wants to attend University and, quite specifically, the University of Manchester. Emily is currently studying  A Levels in Geography, English Literature and Business, which open up a range of subjects to study at university and are currently equipping her with transferrable skills that can be used at uni and for a variety of careers once she has finished her degree. 

As she moves into her second year at Wilberforce, Emily will have several meetings with our Careers team to determine her goals and aspirations for the future. Our students find these sessions really useful as the conversations draw out the information that leads to all the possible further study and  career options.

Emily says:

“I feel that I have already gained so much information from the Careers team that can help me decide what type of industry I want to get in to. The careers fairs have also been really helpful as we had the opportunity to explore and chat to representatives from different universities, which is where my thought for going to the University of Manchester first came from. I’m really looking forward to visiting the campus next year on one of the trips that the college organises to make sure it’s the right university for me. 

During my time at Wilberforce so far, I have gained skills like organisation, time-management and presentational skills. Being a Student Ambassador has meant that I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I never quite had the confidence to be able to speak to groups of people before, and now I am able to give talks about the college and be confident in answering people’s questions. It’s been a huge boost to my communication skills which I know will help me during my application to universities and interacting with new people. 

I can’t wait for my next year at Wilberforce and seeing what my future holds, with help from the teaching staff and Careers team.”

Emily Foot