George Moore

Second year university student: Law

University of Hull course: LLB Law

Year of Graduation: 2022

Courses studied at Wilberforce: A-level Law, Criminology, and Performing


Which secondary school did you attend: Malet Lambert

What was your experience like at Wilberforce College?

At Wilberforce I would say my experience was a very good one. In my first year I was able to go to Paris on an educational trip, and meet new friends and broaden my knowledge of the potential jobs which I was interested in. I was able to meet some amazing teachers and create really good bonds with them which helped me progress in my education.

I think Wilberforce is a good place to learn a lot about yourself whilst learning key skills which will help you in many things such as a job or going onto university. I think the options and support which you get is amazing and the opportunities to do extra things alongside your courses are always there. For example in my first year I did Preparing for Teaching and then in my year I was able to do a week’s placement in a solicitor’s firm.

What was your journey to university like? For example: Did you always know you wanted to go to university, or was it a last-minute decision, or did you apply through Clearing?

Thankfully since leaving secondary school I always knew I wanted to go to university, it was something which was scary as I was the first to go in my family. The actual journey to university via application and the personal statement you have to send in I found pretty easy but the transition from college work to university work was a real shock. There is much less time with teachers, and that’s even without covid-19 , a lot of the learning is done by yourself, being independent and researching a lot of external resources.

Why did you choose your subject and why did you want to study that subject at Hull?

I chose Law because I’ve always had an interest in it. I always knew I wanted to go down the solicitor or barrister route, and therefore law was a no brainer. I’ve recently found I may also take a route into teaching law at an A-level college, that is another route I may want to pursue after my degree,

The reason I chose Hull is because I liked the campus, I liked the subjects you did at core levels, and I like living at home. I will get the university experience when I go to Leeds to do my LPC (if I take that route).

Please give us an insight into your typical day and tell us what you like the most about your course.

During the Covid situation I have taken a new job, I transitioned within my job at Lloyds Bank from being in a branch to joining the telephone department. So currently my day to day Monday till Friday would be get up and start the day with a good meal and a cup of tea. Then begin my University work, which depending on the subject I am doing will consist of reading, watching pre-recorded lectures, looking through PowerPoint slides and making my own version of the topic. The I’ll do whatever lectures or seminars I have that day. Then depending on the day of the week I work, I work 3 days a week, so if it is on a day I work, I’ll then do a 4-9 shift on the phones. I like to work a lot during the weeks to allow myself the time off on the weekends.

How have you found studying during the pandemic?

I would say I have 2 different views on this. First I found it so stressful because I was training for a new job, whilst learning how to learn from home. The lectures went from 3 a week in a subject to 1, so the work load you have to do yourself went up massively. To cope with this I went to the library a lot, because working in a house every day gets very boring and makes me get distracted easily, so working from the library helped me stay concentrated.

A major advantage I got from this is most of the learning went to pre-recorded lectures. This to me was brilliant because I could stop, pause, go back whenever I liked, making it easier to understand and helped make sure I wrote everything down I needed. So I preferred this way of learning to actual lectures where I would find myself rushing my notes and constantly asking them to repeat.

Do you have a future career in mind?

I do have a few in mind, one being after university going to Leeds university to do my LPC (Legal Practice Course), and then pursuing the career of a solicitor.

Another one is becoming an A-level and BTEC Law teacher at a college. I would love to work at Wilberforce one day.

Another option of mine is potentially the Police. But I am keeping my options open, I could go down a path within the bank, following the graduate schemes and becoming a lawyer for Lloyds, but I find it easier to keep my options open and not limit myself.

George Moore