Holly Sherburn

Current student at Wilberforce

Ever fancied a career in the sports industry? Or a career in events management? Holly Sherburn, our 2ndyear student studying A Level English Language, History, Religious Studies and an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification), has recently been accepted to study a specialist Stadium and Management course at UCFB (University Campus of Football Business) which is based on the Wembley Campus in London. Here she tells us about her journey with Wilberforce and how she has been guided to achieve such a prestigious place at UCFB.

Before coming to Wilberforce, I attended the Marvell College. Wilberforce was my first choice of college because they offered all of the courses I wanted to do, each of which has a fantastic success rate which was promising for me. Wilberforce College is also my local college and this was a key factor to ensure I could maximise study time. 

My chosen career (events management) is not a commonly spoken about career. But the Wilberforce staff have been helpful in guiding me around the career and have always been happy to help with any queries I have had. The university I want to attend was not known to many of the teachers at Wilberforce when I applied, due to it being a new university, but this has not stopped the college helping me reach my full potential of gaining a place and finding out information about the course before I applied. 

I’ve gained some valuable life skills in the last two years. Teamwork has never been my favourite activity but due to my subject choices, I have developed this skill and it has become a vital part of my courses. Through my time studying English Language I have developed language skills as a method of negotiation and it has massively developed my communication skills; I am able to inform and connect with people in an effective manner. From studying History, I have learnt how to interrogate and analyse information for the purpose of marketing. History has also enabled me to use different research methods; this has been shown through my coursework. Religious Studies has highlighted the importance of taking on board opinions and ideas from other people and allowing them to make a positive contribution to my work and the thought process behind it.

The support and guidance outside of the classroom is second to none. Weekly sessions with my tutor have helped with the UCAS process and helped to motivate me and keep me on track; the senior management tutorial sessions have helped me to really focus on exam skills and revision techniques, building my confidence in my studies and also my future plans too. There really is no other place I would have rather attended for the past two years. 

If you have a passion for Events or the sporting world, we can offer you the first steppingstone to a successful career in this industry. To find out more, head over to our course information pages or contact events@wilberforce.ac.uk to book in for a dedicated interview.