Kieran Daniel

First year student at Wilberforce

Hi, I’m Kieran Daniel and I am a first year at Wilberforce College. I currently study 3 BTEC courses in Forensic Science, Engineering & Law, alongside a GCSE Maths resit. My former secondary school was The Marvel College. I decided to study these courses at Wilberforce as I really like Astrophysics. Although I enjoy my current courses, after the last year I have had in-depth conversations with my careers advisor and my old history teacher at Marvell, and I have discovered a passion for wanting to teach English Language in Asia, specifically Japan. I plan on going to university after Wilberforce to further my studies so that it gives me the skills I need to pursue a career in teaching. My preferred university would be the University of Tokyo or the University of Hull. 

I chose Wilberforce because it was close and I wanted to go somewhere where my friends weren’t going, so that it would give me new experiences and the chance to gain new friends. Ironically the majority of my friends ended up coming to Wilberforce too, which I’m now really glad of. I’ve known them since I was 3, so to go through primary school, then secondary school and to finish off at the same college was a nice surprise. I’ve also met some great new friends, people who I can definitely see being friends with after college life.

Wilberforce has definitely increased my knowledge on a multitude of things and given me life skills I can use in the future. For example, in science I’ve learnt how to create a pond pump. Fingers crossed I get to have a pond in my back garden in Asia and put this skill to use! My Forensic Science teacher Steve has given me a lot of help for me to achieve my astrophysics plan, which I am very thankful for, as it means I have a backup plan if teaching in Asia doesn’t work out. I have developed social skills like opening conversations and taking part in a range of discussions – something that I wouldn’t have had the confidence for before starting at Wilberforce. 

During my time so far at college, I’ve had brilliant support and guidance for my future. I’ve been on regular trips across the country to different universities and taken part in events to help me understand and inform my possible options; without this I wouldn’t have a clear plan of what I want to do. 

If you want a college that is completely invested in your growth, development and progression as a student; a college that helps and encourages you to build your confidence and employability skills; and a college that helps you to meet new friends and experience a wide range of trips, enrichment and events outside of the classroom then Wilberforce is the place for you. Head over to our course pages for more information.