Layla Burr

2nd Year Student at Wilberforce

Layla Burr who is currently studying A Level Biology, Physics & Maths has set her sights on becoming a Biomedical Scientist, a position she had never heard of, before speaking with our Careers team. 

I’ve really enjoyed my time at Wilberforce, the teaching has been amazing.   I came from Malet Lambert school and knew straight away that Wilberforce was the college for me. The pass rates for Science have always been excellent, and my Science teachers at Malet highly recommended the course too, so I had pretty much set my goal on coming to Wilberforce from Year 9.

I’ve not only expanded my academic knowledge of my subjects, but I’ve gained so many practical skills in Science which will really help me with my progression to university. On top of that, I’ve developed my communication and organisational skills through teachers giving us work files and giving us time to ensure all our work was organised and where it needed to be for us to easily find it for revision.  Extra revision sessions were also offered outside of lesson times and we were always more than welcome to drop in on a first year class for even more learning.  All my teachers were really approachable and would always help me out either in lessons or with work via email. 

Sarah Didsbury, the Careers Manager, was a huge help. I booked appointments with her and she offered career advice and materials to help me when I had to take extra tests when I originally applied for a medicine course at university. I am delighted that I have been accepted by my first choice of university for this September, which is the University of Leeds.  I can’t wait for my university journey to begin, and I’m really thankful for all the teaching staff at Wilberforce who have given me the skills and knowledge I need to get to where I want to be in the future.