Mostafa Jafari

Current Student at Wilberforce

If Medicine is a career pathway you would like to follow, but you haven’t quite got the required grades, you could still achieve your goal by retaking your GCSE core subjects such as Maths and English at Wilberforce. Our student ambassador and first year A Level student Mostafa Jafari, who is studying A Level Maths, Biology and Chemistry did something very similar.   An international studenthe spent his first year with us studying for GCSEs and is now doing two years of A Levels. As a college we are able to secure funding for three years of study with us where students meet the requirements.

Having attended my former primary school in Iran, I wasn’t familiar with the educational system in the UK at all and I was totally confused about what to do for furthering my education and attending college. Due to our grading system being different from the UK’s, I firstly had to take exams in Maths, Biology and Chemistry which allowed me to get on to an A Level course. I passed these with great grades but I wanted to excel further, so I am now taking GCSE English alongside my A Levels this year. 

When deciding which college to go to, I came to an open event at Wilberforce and spoke to someone from the Science department who told me all about the course and what past students have gone on to do in medicine and it really appealed to me. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. During my enrolment I struggled with the forms that needed filling in but one of the staff sat with me and explained all of the sections and what I needed to include. She then introduced me to the relevant teachers who would be teaching the courses I wanted to do and this gave me a lot of confidence when attending my first lessons as I felt like I knew my teachers already. 

My teachers are absolutely amazing – they don’t hesitate to answer my questions, and make sure I understand everything during lessons. I also have excellent classmates who help me with things that I struggle with sometimes. The friendships I have built already have really helped increase my confidence.  I think I’m getting more organised and responsible for my future, having done a lot of practicals in Science.  It has made me think more about the reality of the subject and how much science is used in our everyday lives.

I am looking forward to my next year at Wilberforce and working out which university I want to go to. I want to study Medicine at medicine school and I would prefer to be around Hull to be around my family, so Hull York medical school would be the favourite, but if any others could give me better opportunities I would consider them as well.