Rhiannon Gunton

First year university student: Biology

University of Hull: BSc Biology student

Courses studied at Wilberforce: Biology A Level, IT BTEC, Applied Science BTEC

Which secondary school did you attend? Malet Lambert 

What was your experience like at Wilberforce College?

My experience at Wilberforce was fun and engaging. I learned a lot about myself and what I wanted to do when I graduated. I enjoyed biology the most, but I enjoyed all my subjects and even made a few friends. Going to Wilberforce allowed me to visit Filey Brigg and perform experiments in order to practise my practical skills.

What was your journey to university like?

I had always wanted to go to uni, so I was very pleased to see I had graduated with high grades. The exams were hard, and quite stressful, and whilst applying to university was easy (relatively speaking!) the actual process of getting the grades I needed and transitioning to university was quite difficult. Worth it though.

Why did you choose your subject and why did you want to study that subject at Hull?

I chose biology because I loved learning about how organisms work, and I am very good at biology so I was confident that I would earn the marks needed to get onto the course. Biology as a subject has always fascinated me, particularly the medical side of it, and while I had been briefly interested in IT, I soon found I was more passionate about biology.

Please give us an insight into your typical day and tell us what you like the most about your course.

A typical day for me involves going onto Canvas, checking what needs doing, and then getting ready for a lecture based around that material. What I most enjoy about the course is interacting with my course-mates and working at my own pace. Most of my material is online so I rarely have to go on campus. I’m ok with this as I am quite lazy and am poor at socialising.

How have you found studying during the pandemic?

I have found studying during the pandemic stressful, particularly when it comes to meeting deadlines and writing up documents online, but I have plenty of support from my peers and teachers. 

Do you have a future career in mind?

 I would like to work either in a medical research lab or a biological research lab. I am still not sure exactly what job I would like to do just yet but am willing to look for a job that I enjoy. Still though, it will probably take me a while figure out what I want to do.

Why did you choose to come to Hull?

I chose Hull as it is close to home and I found it to be quite friendly when I went there on some of the open days and the teachers and students were always ready to help me if I got a little lost or confused (which happened a lot).

What do you wish you knew before going to university?

I wish I had known that you could get extensions to your deadlines, as I had been worried about getting my work in on time. I am a bit anxious about deadlines, as I have a tendency to forget the time and up distracted from my studies.