Theo Farrer

Final year Wilberforce Student

Theo is a second year student who came to us from Malet Lambert to do a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT. A star pupil academically, with a wealth of skills and experience, he is now seeking a role in IT technical support, either as an apprentice or in full time employment.

I chose to come to Wilberforce Sixth Form College because I felt like I was ‘at home’ every time I walked into the building. I was teetering between an apprenticeship or going to college when I was in Year 10/11, however I felt that at every open evening I wanted to be a student at Wilberforce. Fast forward 2 years, and here I am! 

Wilberforce has provided me with many opportunities to gain more knowledge in my chosen career path. For example, in my 2nd year I was successful in gaining a work placement within the Tenant Participation Team at Hull City Council. Part of my project was to research different video topics to see what is already out there, and if content already existed, to look at how I could improve it to make it even better. This has helped me gain value experience when it comes to planning and delivering a project as in the IT Technical Support field of work, while the most part of the job is supporting customers with any issues, I may be tasked with planning and delivering a project.

Throughout my time at Wilberforce I have developed many skills that I can now use and apply to different situations. For example, I have been able to develop my planning and time management skills so that I can prioritise the tasks that need completing urgently, the tasks that need completing soon, and also the tasks that need completing but don’t need to be completed yet. In addition to this, I have also been able to develop my communication skills and build my confidence when talking to large groups of people. From a very young age I have suffered from a stammer, and I feel that through my role as Student Ambassador at the college, I have been able to build up my confidence so that I don’t feel nervous in busy situations and I can talk to people who, perhaps, I haven’t spoken to before. This is a key skill that I will be able to take on into later life as there may be situations where I will have to present to a large audience or interact with individuals that I have never spoken to before. 

I have received quite a lot of support from staff during my time as a student at Wilberforce Sixth Form College. I have received constant support and guidance with my work from my teachers, and if I have ever been stuck on an assignment, I have either spoken to the teacher verbally or I have sent them an email to resolve the issue. The Employer Engagement team have been amazing with my work placement. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Tenant Participation Team at Hull City Council, and I hope that, one day, I will be able to return to the team on a more permanent basis. Finally, the careers support has been amazing too. In my first year I had a careers meeting with Sarah Didsbury about IT apprenticeships, and within this meeting Sarah provided me with an insight into the different types of apprenticeship available in the IT sector, and Sarah also provided me with information on where I can find further information to assist me in making a career choice. 

Theo Farrer