Lauren Fox and Lisa Harding

Seaside FM

Names: Lauren Fox and Lisa Harding
Age: 24, 25

When did you attend Wilberforce College?
Lauren:  2005-2008
Lisa:  2004-2006

Which courses did you study?
Lauren:  Photography, Communication Studies and Psychology
Lisa:  Psychology, Sociology, Health and Social Care.

What did you enjoy the most about your time at Wilberforce?
Lauren:  The space given to us as students to grow intellectually as well as socially.The photography dark room was my favourite place at Wilberforce.
Lisa:  Wilberforce provided a platform to gain confidence and prepare me for the world of work.

Any words of wisdom for current / future Wilberforce College students?
Lauren:  As much fun as sitting in the park seems now, sitting in your great house with your fancy car parked outside is a lot better. And you only get there by working hard at what you do.
Lisa:  Make the most of the opportunities that are around you, but remember you have to go get them. Be inspired and, most of all, have fun.

What are you doing now?
Lauren:  Manager of 105.3 Seaside FM in Withernsea, which Lisa and I saved from going off air in October 2012 and has been going strong since. After leaving Wilberforce, I moved to Leeds to study Media and Popular Culture at Leeds Metropolitan University. I travelled back once a week to volunteer at a 99.8 KCFM to gain skills in presenting shows. When I graduated University, I started my own DJ business and I now read the travel and co-produce the Viking FM Breakfast Show.
Lisa:  As well as reading the news and weather on Seaside FM I am currently completing a Masters at Hull University in Criminology with Human Rights and due to graduate in 2015. I started working at the station after graduating  from a BA Hons in Criminology with Psychology also at Hull University.