For current students, results will be available to collect in person from The Atrium from 8:30am until 3pm or they will be available electronically via Cedar from 1pm onwards. If you are unable to come and collect your results, you can send a representative on your behalf. They must have a signed and dated authorisation letter from you stating that you give permission for them to collect. They must also bring with them a form of their own identification.

We can’t accept text message or authorisation over the phone, you can however contact the exams manager in advance with authorisation, please either email or contact Jade Allan via Teams.

If you have a query about your results your first step should be to speak to the Exams Manager, Jade Allan. If she is unavailable, please see the Faculty Head for your subject area. If a higher education place is at stake, then please make sure you see Jade ASAP after collecting your results as there are strict deadlines in place for enquiries. Your queries will then be looked at and dealt with ASAP.

Prospective Students

We are hosting a GCSE drop-in desk at the College 8:30am – 1pm, as well as an open GCSE hot-line on 01482 711688 if you wish to contact us about any grade concerns or would like advice of any kind ahead of Enrolment next week.