One of our key messages to students is that in whatever you do, aim to do your best – and you will more often than not exceed your expectations.

Our student awards evenings are about the achievements of the young people who make our Wilberforce community the happy and successful place it is. And these students have excelled in many ways.

We recognise breathtaking academic performances and distinguished contributions to the College and wider community. We celebrate sporting and artistic excellence in addition to students who have gone out into the workplace and shown that they’ve got a shrewd business head on their shoulders.

In a nutshell, the award evenings are about recognising achievement in its widest sense.

We also want to give credit to some people who don’t come up onto the stage at such events.  Wilberforce is more than just a College – it’s a community and our Achievement Awards evenings celebrate all the parts that make up that community.

You can read about all of our winners on our Achievement Awards blog.