The Excellence Programme

The Excellence Programme


An offer for university and a dream job in the future is not just a matter of good grades. This ever-competitive and complex world needs people with insight to understand challenges and creativity to deal with them. The Wilberforce Excellence Programme is a bespoke programme designed for students to excel. By being part of this programme you will be supported to progress into the world’s top universities and leading careers.

What is The Excellence Programme?

The Excellence Programme at Wilberforce College has been specially designed to support and inspire aspirational students.

As an ‘Excellence Student’, you will take part in an exciting and challenging programme, designed to help you to fulfil your goals and succeed to the very best of your ability. This programme will assist you as you build on your achievements at GCSE towards attaining the highest results in your A Levels or BTEC qualifications. At the same time it will enable you to develop your profile, experience, interests and skills that are essential for those university, higher level apprenticeship and employment applications.

You may wish to be part of this programme if you:

  • Achieved excellent GCSE grades and you wish to apply for entry to one of the country’s top universities.
  • You are interested in medicine or veterinary science
  • You have clearly defined career goals and would like support in achieving your dream job
  • You are still unsure of your ultimate goals, but you know you want to succeed and need some inspiration.

Who can apply?

Applications are welcome from any student. You will have a brief interview with the Excellence Coordinator in which you will discuss your interests and aspirations, both in terms of college and beyond. In addition, students should be committed to achieving their personal best and be willing to undertake a wide range of activities designed to help them perform at the highest levels.

For further information, contact Sonya Evans, EPQ and Excellence Coordinator.

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