USP - our Up Skilling Programme

USP: Up Skilling Programme

If you want to succeed, you need to be better than the rest.  Our Up Skilling Programme (USP) is a mandatory part of your timetable at Wilberforce, and it provides you with an opportunity to get ahead of your competitors and grab those prime places at university or in employment.  It will prepare you for uni and the world of work, building your confidence, help you deal with relationships, overcome fears when you’re out of your comfort zone.  It’s all about you developing yourself, growing in independence and gaining those essential life skills which help you to effectively deal with life after college.

The USP offers you a wide range of options – whether you want to take part in a club or society, represent the college in a sport each week, or gain additional qualifications in pathways to support your personal development such as presentation skills, successfully dealing with difficult people, confidence building and time management.

Being involved in these USP activities at the college also gives you the chance to make more friends and have fun while you develop new skills.

NEW STARTERS SEPTEMBER 2020: This year’s activities will be on this website in early August so you can think about what options you might want to do and sign up before you start in September.

Staff bio: USP is managed by Adam Bolder.

Student Union

In September, you have the chance to put your name forward and campaign for the role of President or Vice President of the Wilberforce College Student Union.

There are a lot of different positions on the Union, including Fundraising Coordinators and Welfare and Finance Officers. You can also get involved in the Student Union’s Events Committee. This gives you the opportunity to be involved with college life, including organising events and celebrations.

Seeds of change

Help transform Wilberforce Sixth Form College into an edible campus. Try your hand at gardening and upcycle areas of the college.

Creative digital

We offer a wide range of enrichment opportunities. We have partnered with IBM to take part in the worldwide Mainframe challenge. We will also be offering gaming festival trips. You could take part in our Virtual Reality Club and evaluate the latest releases in this emerging market, or create a game in Unity to sell on the Steam Store. We also offer computing classes to enrich your knowledge of the working world.

Cinema club

Come and view films from the world of cult cinema and the popular Hollywood genre system. We will watch many movies that you have probably never seen before, and we will answer the question - what makes movies original, challenging, and just plain cool?

Young Enterprise

Would you like to find out what it’s like to be a Managing Director of your own company? Marketing Manager? Finance Director? Head of Sales? Logistics Consultant? Yes? Then get involved with Young Enterprise and running our new student company.

Debating Society

If you have an interest in current affairs why not join our debating society? You will get the chance to develop your skills in critical thinking, communication, independent research and teamwork, all of which are extremely useful in your further studies or the world of work, and in situations where making an informed judgment is essential. Challenge your peers on subjects as diverse as banning zoos, Brexit, legalising euthanasia, and more.

Serial killer series

As part of this enrichment course, you will examine the life and crimes of infamous serial killers such as Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and Fred and Rosemary West. You will study what drove them to commit such heinous acts. How were they caught? How were they punished? You will examine a range of sources to get inside the minds of these criminals. There will be an interrogation of their histories, the crime scenes and the investigations that were done to apprehend them. You will get the opportunity to complete your own research project on a serial killer of your choice and then present your findings.

Greenpower trust electric car project

Working as part of a team you will be challenged to design, build and race a single seat, electrically-powered racing car. You are provided with the car’s chassis and battery and then the sky’s the limit as you work alongside your team mates to design and make the body to your own ideas. Then comes the opportunity to race the car against other sixth forms and colleges, both locally and around the country!

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