USP - our UpSkilling Programme

USP: Upskilling Programme

If you want to succeed, you need to be better than the rest.  Our Upskilling Programme (USP) is a mandatory part of your timetable at Wilberforce, and it provides you with an opportunity to get ahead of your competitors and grab those prime places at university or in employment.  It will prepare you for uni and the world of work, building your confidence, help you deal with relationships, overcome fears when you’re out of your comfort zone.  It’s all about you developing yourself, growing in independence and gaining those essential life skills which help you to effectively deal with life after college.

The USP offers you a wide range of options – whether you want to take part in a club or society, represent the college in a sport each week, or gain additional qualifications in pathways to support your personal development such as presentation skills, successfully dealing with difficult people, confidence building and time management.

Being involved in these USP activities at the college also gives you the chance to make more friends and have fun while you develop new skills.


  • What is the Upskilling Programme? (watch this presentation first before checking out the programme of activities)
  • Full programme of activities and further information now available here.
  • To reserve your place on your chosen Upskilling activity, you’ll need to use our booking system
  • If you want to apply to be a Student Union Representative click here
  • If you want to apply to be a Student Ambassador click here
  • Make sure you understand how many credits you need and make a note of which activities you may want to sign up for. 

Staff bio: USP is managed by Adam Bolder.