Film & Media

11th March | 17:30 - 18:30

Throughout this hour long event you will be able to watch a presentation about the courses you most want to study, You’ll have the opportunity to take part in a LIVE Q&A with teachers of the subject and hear from students who take the course.


If you are contemplating a career in Film, Video, Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines etc., you should find this course stimulating and enjoyable.

Film Studies will give you a deeper insight into how film works in the UK and around the world and how audiences are asked/provoked to respond and think when watching films. You get the chance not just to study films and film history, but you learn how to create your own short films, create storyboards and write screenplays.

WHY STUDY media?

Media Studies will give you a a greater knowledge of how the media works in the UK and around the world. You will understand the processes involved in exchanging information, and how the entertainment industry is structured. This includes the film, music, video games, print (Newspapers & Magazines) industries and new media (E-Media). Media courses in Higher Education are growing in popularity and this whole area of study is rapidly expanding.

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