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There is lots of information online to help you support your son or daughter in making effective decisions about their career and next steps following on from Wilberforce. You may also wish to discuss their options with the college Careers Information, Advice and Guidance Manager, Sarah Didsbury.

Sarah is available full-time all year round, including holidays; Monday – Thursday 08:30am – 16:30pm, and Fridays 08:30am – 16:00pm. You can phone to book an appointment on (01482) 711688 (extension 134) or alternatively, email

How to book an appointment

The following websites offer a range of resources and useful advice aimed at parents and carers:


Careers Advice for Parents:


Virtual Work Experience:

The Parents’ Guide to Virtual Work Experience


The Parents’ Guide to Helping Your Child Know ‘What’s Next?’: 

To help parents understand what options their children have after GCSE and Sixth Form, we’ve created a summary of the different levels of education, what types of qualification are available, and how different options suit different students.  This guide includes information for parents on how their children can:

  1. Decide which subjects to study next;
  2. Understand apprenticeships;
  3. Select the right university and the UCAS application process;
  4. Write a personal statement; and
  5. Alternatives if academic learning is not for them.


National Careers Service:



Alternatives to University

University and student finance

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