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Volunteering & Work Experience

Many of our students do voluntary work. Some help out with local charities, others work with scouts, guides, cubs etc, and some work for Absolutely Cultured as city ambassadors.



  • Volunteering connects you to others, so you build confidence by meeting new people
  • Volunteering is good for your mind and body
  • Volunteering can gain experience, develop skills and improve your career prospects
  • Volunteering is an opportunity to try something new – it brings fun and fulfilment to your life

If you’d like more ideas or suggestions, speak to our Employer Engagement team – they’d be happy to help.

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Work Experience

Work placements give you a chance to find out more about a career you’re considering.

Getting some practical experience and talking to people who already do the job will give you a better idea of whether it would suit you.

You will also get the chance to develop your employability skills – self-confidence and communication. This will help you to work better with others in your future career.

A work placement could give you a better chance of standing out when applying for HE courses and jobs – and you may pick up some contacts that could help you get the job you’re after.

Work-based project: A specific piece of assessed work for a course, undertaken at an employer’s premises.

Work placement: A period of work experience, which can be paid or unpaid, and is part of a course of study. This can be arranged through the college with an employer or by yourself and is for an agreed period of time.

Work shadowing: Where a student observes a member of staff working in an organisation, and so gains an understanding of what a particular job entails.

If you have a particular place that you would like to work, then we can assist you in making contact with them. You will be asked to complete some forms giving information about you, your courses at college and what type of work placement you plan to do. You will also be asked to complete a Health Screening.

Work Placements in care or school settings all require you to undertake a DBS (Criminal Records Bureau) check.

Work Experience
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