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Wilberforce Sixth Form College Students


Wilberforce College recognises the benefits and opportunities that new technologies offer to teaching and learning. We also recognise the potential risks and challenges associated with such use.

To help our students and staff stay safe online we regularly review our e-safety policy and publish this online on the policies page. The e-Safety policy should be read in conjunction with our Safeguarding, Child Protection, Student Conduct and Behaviour for Learning, Acceptable IT Use and Anti-Bullying policies. Concerns regarding Safeguarding or Child Protection including eSafety issues should be reported to Student Services immediately.

If you would like to explore more information about how to keep yourself and your child safe online, please find below a list of useful links and resources below.

Online Saftey Hub

Developed by a team of world-renowned Online Safety Experts, the Hub is designed to engage and align the community on online safety and wellness by providing up-to-date and evidence-based information to all key stakeholders of a child’s life. 

Parents will find a rich library of helpful resources, including app reviews, how-to guides and advice on an array of online safety topics. School staff and leaders have access to an array of practical guides and information that can be used in the classroom or to inform school governance. 

Please click on the below link.


Online Saftey Hub

Useful Videos

Please note that films may contain content that some viewers might find distressing. Supervising adults are encouraged to view content in advance of showing to a child.

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