“The Corporation’s Governors work hard to fulfil Wilberforce College’s mission to raise aspirations and serve the educational needs of our community. 

We provide the strategic direction for the College, and we consider all aspects of our students’ education – from their achievement to their well-being. We work with the College and its community to enable all our students to fulfil their potential. 

 We are all volunteers and do the job because we care. We are open and honest in conducting our business, and I am proud to be a governor and Chair of the Corporation.”

Pat Mould, Chair of the Corporation


At Wilberforce Sixth Form College we have an active board of governors who play an integral role in the continuing development of the College. The Governing body, together with the Principal, constitutes the highest level of decision-making in the College, having overall responsibility for the strategic direction and financial health of the institution.  

Our governors have a critical role in:

  • Ensuring the financial well-being of the College and monitoring the effective and efficient use of resources and the quality of its services
  • Assuring that the College’s educational character meets the needs of the community which the College serves
  • Ensuring that the College mission and vision both reflects the needs of the community it serves and informs and directs every aspect of the College’s activities
  • Monitoring the ethos of the College

Our board of Governors is well balanced in terms of skills and experience, with members having backgrounds in industry, education and the local authority. The common characteristic of the governing body is a passionate commitment to service the community within which the College is located. As such, the Governors set high expectations for the College and its students, and are leading the College to realise its ambition of being judged as outstanding by Ofsted.

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