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Sport & Public Services

Sport & Public Services Event

For our Sport & Public Services Event, the plan is for employers to deliver a series of talks to groups of students, studying Sport and Public Services.

The focus of this event is as follows: The sports industry is evolving so fast and is so much more sophisticated; the advancement and integration of technology, fan-engagement, customer acquisition, is such a huge part of the industry. The profile of professional sport has increased through the UK hosting the Olympics and other large scale sporting events. Matched with an urgent need to promote healthier lifestyles and tackle obesity and other lifestyle diseases, sport creates a number of exciting career prospects.

Those working at the frontline of public services perform a vital role for society, often in the most challenging of situations. If you want to make a real difference with your career, then public service is a great sector to explore a range of possible roles, including those in the police service, county courts, prisons, fire service and armed forces. They are essential to our society and an integral part of our community, so those with the relevant skills and knowledge are always in demand. Whichever career you choose in public services, you’ll be supporting your community and city!

  • When?

    Tuesday 12th December, 2023

  • Where?

    The Atrium, Wilberforce Sixth Form College

  • What Time?

    The event will run from 8.45am to 2.30pm each day

Information that could be shared with students and staff includes:

  • Information about what your company does.
  • For employers, a talk about a particular job role within your company (linked to the focus of the event).
  • For education providers a talk about how the courses you offer link to a career
  • For any of your employees delivering the talk – a history of their career – what they studied at school, college, university, how this helped them progress into the job they do today.
  • Information on the general employability skills needed to work in your industry, as well as specific skills for particular roles.
  • The importance of Maths and English in any role within your organisation.
  • Some information that will inspire students and help them prepare for the world of work.
  • You may like to bring along a practical activity for students to try that links to either their course or your organisation to increase their understanding of your company.
  • The opportunity to make use of our immersive space – an innovative approach that will permit employers to use digital technologies to promote their organisations.

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