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Revision Guidance

Exam season is fast approaching but we are here to support you!
Please find on this page some additional information for you to use in preparation for your exams and final assessments.

If you need any help or guidance please see your teacher or Academic Mentor

Want some ideas for different revision strategies?

Please find below a link to a presentation guide which you can watch to discover different ways in which to revise and find a method that suits you.


Students can access the presentation via the student Teams channel. Parents and Carers can also access it via their personal email address.

Scroll further down the page to find some additional links to these strategies.

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Revision Sessions

  • Academic Mentor sessions - Lunchtimes weekly

The Academic Mentors are hosting Lunchtime Revision and Coursework Catch-ups in room P1 for all levels and courses on Tuesday & Thursday lunchtimes if you'd like any advice or a quiet space to work. 

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