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Transformation of Acceptance

  • Wilberforce students haD the rare opportunity to CREATE AND STAR IN a professional music video FOR WELL KNOWN BAND The Irrepressibles

Lead roles secured by Wilberforce Students

Transformation of Acceptance, an official music video for The Irrepressibles, was offered to a series of industry music video directors in January 2023.  Thanks to Film Studies and Creative Media Production teacher Joel Ryan Mcdermott, used his industry links to secure starring roles for the students. Joel submitted a treatment to the band and record label and secured the green light for production in late February. 

A series of casting auditions and crew interviews with Wilberforce students were held, some from the Creative Media Production course, as well as the UAL Performance and Production NAPA (Northern Academy of Performing Arts) course. In total, 6 actors and 1 crew member were cast to take part in the video 

Lights, Camera, Action

Currently based in Manchester, The Irrepressibles is the creative guise of Yorkshire composer and singer-songwriter Jamie Irrepressible. He formed the band initially in London back in 2002. Over the past two decades he has earned international acclaim for his cathartic orchestral-pop compositions, collaborations with other artists, and sensory heightening live shows. 

Lead acting roles were secured by Joshua Towse, Victory Edionseri and Drew Spicer. Darren Cook Hannah from the Creative Media Production course was also hired as a cinematographer.  

Following the casting, students and parents signed consent forms granting access to students own domestic spaces to contextualise the film in the real world as much as possible. Filming took place over three full days and in nine locations across the City of Hull. The final edit was completed by the end of August and the music video released in October 2023. 

Creative Media Production teacher Joel said “Students have gained a phenomenal experience by taking part in this project, 10 students in total were hired in paid roles or volunteered an hour of their time to play an extra in the film, which has given them great insight to the industry, I am so proud of the students achievements, their commitment and professionalism throughout the process was outstanding” Former Malet Lambert and Wilberforce student Luke Ransom, who starred as an extra in the video said “It was a great experience to be part of the professional filming and having industry conversation on set, it has made me a lot more confident in understanding what goes in to editing and film making. I’m in my second year at Wilberforce and wasn’t quite sure of what career pathway I wanted during school, but having been part of an industry led projects like this at Wilberforce, I’ve now got a real clear vision that I want to be in the Film and Media industry” Luke hopes to go on to York St John University to study Media Production.  

The film has so far received critical praise online and over 20,000 views in the first two weeks. The film is going to be entered into international film festivals.  

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