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English Literature

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If you love reading, have an enquiring mind and want to expand your horizons, studying A Level English Literature will open up new worlds for you. This course is a facilitating subject at Russell Group Universities, which will enable you to gain a highly respected academic qualification, as well as a wide knowledge of texts and genres which will in turn help you understand more about culture and history.

Studying and applying literary theory will also expand your insights into issues such as gender, race, class and the workings of the human mind. You will develop high order skills such as analysis and evaluation, and given exciting opportunities to make independent and creative coursework choices from which you will develop valuable research skills – what better preparation for university and your future career?

What will you learn?

• Study a range of classic/contemporary texts: Shakespeare, drama, pre-1900 text/post 2000 texts to develop breadth and depth of study

• Explore aspects of the Tragedy and Comedy genre

• Apply literary terminology to your reading of texts to understand form/construction of meaning

• Critically analyse texts and apply literary criticism to texts studied using anthologies

• Analyse how meaning is created within texts using knowledge of structure and form to shape meaning

• Evaluate context of production and reception in texts

• Interpret connections between texts and their differing time periods

• Form debates and arguments when focusing on the texts and interpret concepts and meaning

• Have the opportunity for independent learning and choice in the coursework element of the course

Who is the course aimed at?

This course is for you if you love reading, have an enquiring mind and want to expand your horizons. It is essential if you are considering a degree in English, but will support many other degrees and careers. This subject is especially compatible with Law, History, Psychology and Art.

Entry Requirements & Other Info
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    You will need a minimum of five GCSE grades 9-4 and a GCSE average of 5.3. You will also need to have achieved a grade 4 or higher in GCSE English Language or Literature

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    This course will provide you with the opportunity to visit places like London through our Cultural Citizen Programme, as well as hear from guest speakers from companies like the Hull Daily Mail. You will also get the opportunity to take part in our Upskilling project, the student-led magazine Vox.

  • Progression Arrow down

    English Literature is essential for anyone contemplating a degree in English. This subject is especially compatible with Law, History, Psychology and Art.

  • Outcomes Arrow down

    Students who complete a qualification in English Literature go on to a wide variety of jobs. These can include: Writer, Private Tutor, Academic Librarian, Learning Mentor, Publishing Proofreader or Teacher, to name a few.

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