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English Literature & Language

  • A Level
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Are you captivated by language and analysing different texts, from social media posts to spoken interactions? Do you love reading, have an enquiring mind and want to expand your horizons? Get the best of both worlds by studying A Level English Language and Literature!

Not only will you study a range of fascinating contemporary plays, novels and poetry but you will learn the art of analysis, interpretation and evaluation.

As you learn about the language of speech you will find out how communication between people is a lot more than just what you hear.

What will you learn?

During this two-year course you will:

• Analyse different cultural perspectives on Paris within an anthology of collated data

• Explore the imagined worlds of Sebold’s The Lovely Bones which is characterised by unusual narratives, narrators and events

• Analyse language choices to explore point of view, characterisation, presentation of time and space/place and narrative structure

• Explore and analyse the role of language in Duffy’s Mean Time poetry

• Create original re-creative tasks based on The Great Gatsby and write commentaries evaluating your language choices.

• Explore conflict and dramatic encounters within A Streetcar Named Desire

• Undertake an independent coursework project in which you make connections between literary and non-literary texts of your choice

Who is the course aimed at?

This course is for you if you have a passion for reading, have an inquiring mind and really want to stretch yourself in your understanding of texts and want to learn how communication between people is a lot more than just what you hear. The re-creative and recasting tasks are particularly useful for Journalism, but those interested in careers in Law, Teaching or any profession where communication is essential will find this course extremely valuable.

Entry Requirements & Other Info
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    You will need a minimum of five GCSE grades 9-4 and a GCSE average of 5.3. You will also need to have achieved a grade 4 or higher in GCSE English Language or Literature.

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    This course will provide you with the opportunity to visit places like London through our Cultural Citizen Programme, as well as hear from guest speakers from companies like the Hull Daily Mail. You will also get the opportunity to take part in our Upskilling project, the student-led magazine Vox.

  • Progression Arrow down

    English Language and Literature is the perfect course for anyone contemplating studying English at degree level. It will also fit in well with higher-level apprenticeships in marketing, PR or journalism.

  • Outcomes Arrow down

    Students who complete a qualification in English Combined go on to a wide variety of jobs. These can include: Writer, Librarian, Journalist, Lexicographer, Archivist or Teacher, to name a few.

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