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Computer Science

  • A Level
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The world of computer science continues to develop at an astonishing rate. The challenge for you as a computer scientist is to be able to respond to this fast-changing world and to develop the high-level knowledge and skills that will help you to understand technology that will be developed in the future.

Maybe you have always liked to solve problems or decipher codes. Perhaps you have a knack for learning new languages, or maybe you were intrigued enough about your computer to rip the cover off and tinker with the inner workings. If so, computer science might be an ideal career choice for you.

The most important aspect of computer science is problem solving, an essential skill for life. Computer scientists theorise, design, develop, and apply the software and hardware for the programmes we use day in day out. Computer scientists are in demand and their salaries reflect this.

What will you learn?

• Fundamentals of programming

• Fundamentals of data structures

• Systematic approach to problem solving

• Theory of computation

• Fundamentals of data representation

• Fundamentals of computer systems

• Fundamentals of computer organisation and architecture

• Consequences of uses of computing

• Fundamentals of communication and networking

• Fundamentals of algorithms

• Fundamentals of databases

• Big data

• Fundamentals of functional programming

• Non-exam assessment – the computing practical project

What will you learn?

Who is the course aimed at?

This course is for you if you like to think analytically to devise systems and programs, but you are also detail-oriented enough to troubleshoot problems.

You must be able to communicate with non-technical people to assess their needs and convey technical information in plain language. Creativity is essential for those computer science students who hope to come up with the latest app or technology gadget. Given the rapid rate of change within technology, computer science students need to have a thirst for learning to keep up with the latest developments. Computer science students also must be curious about the world around them since programs and systems are applied to every possible area of life and commerce.

Entry Requirements & Other Info
  • Entry Requirements Arrow down

    A minimum of 5 GCSEs (9-4), including English. A minimum of a grade 5 in GCSE Maths and a Science subject.

  • Experiences Arrow down

    This course will provide you with the opportunity to take part in trips to EGX London, the biggest gaming event of the year. You will be able to visit panels featuring the biggest names in gaming and hear all about unreleased games and technology, as well as play some of those games yourself! Within the college, you’ll be able to take part in the Upskilling Programme which will feature gaming and coding clubs, as well as our Esports Team, the Wilberforce Wolves!

  • Progression Arrow down

    Computer Science can lead you into a degree at a leading university, or even a higher level apprenticeship. Degrees like Computer Science, IT or Coding work well with a Computer Science A Level. Now that Computer Science is becoming a subject in higher demand, apprenticeships in coding have also become available, but are not as readily available as graduate jobs.

  • Outcomes Arrow down

    Students who complete a qualification in Computer Science go on to a wide variety of jobs. These can include: Game Developer, Software Engineer, Web Designer, Network Engineer, Coder or Teacher, to name a few.

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