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Religious Studies

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One reason to study Religious Studies is because  it deals with some of the most important questions in life! Does God exist? How do we know what is right or wrong? What role does religion have in modern society? Through studying and discussing these issues you will improve your thinking skills and ability to develop an argument. 

You will learn to think philosophically about issues, understand how key ideas have developed 
through the work of philosophers in the past and recognise their influence on ideas in society 

What will you learn?

In the first component, you will explore philosophical and ethical dilemmas, such as explanations for evil and suffering, whether animals have souls, and the extent of human free will. These dilemmas will be understood alongside the works of key philosophical thinkers, such as Kant, Bentham, and Aquinas. 

In component two, you will explore the Christian faith, engaging with various sources of wisdom and developing an understanding of the role of religious beliefs in a variety of issues, such as life and death. You will also apply your knowledge of philosophy and ethics to religious issues and consider whether belief is reasonable and coherent and how Christians should respond to issues of wealth, religious freedom, and tolerance. 

What will you learn?

Who is the course aimed at?

 If you enjoy discussing contemporary issues and want to improve your thinking skills. This is a course that will suit students with an inquiring mind, who enjoy exploring perspectives and are open to the rigorous study of religion. 

Entry Requirements & Other Info
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    You will need a minimum of 5 GCSE’s at Grades 4-9 and and average point score of at least 5.3. You will need to a minimum grade 4 in English Language.

  • Experiences Arrow down

    There will be opportunities to visit external places of religious interest and engage with visitors from a number of external agencies. 

  • Progression Arrow down

    As well as preparing a student for one of the variety of degree courses in Philosophy or Religious Studies, an A Level in Religious Studies 

    is of the same value as any other A Level. This can be used as part of basic entrance qualifications for a university course, especially 

    in the arts, humanities or law. Religious Studies is also a valuable subject for those intending to enter the teaching profession. Most primary 

    school teachers are involved in teaching Religious Studies and at secondary level there is still a shortage of specialists. 

  • Outcomes Arrow down

    Many graduates use their religious studies degree to pursue professional and graduate programs, and eventually careers, in various areas including education, journalism, sociology, law, social work and medicine

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