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Wilberforce Sixth Form College

Careers Events
2023 / 2024

Committed to ensuring all students have access to the opportunities they need...

Wilberforce College is committed to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to explore every career and education pathway available to them and familiarise themselves with the local labour market.

Our approach is to provide targeted careers events that fit each of our curriculum areas.  Our aim is to raise awareness of employment opportunities and pathways amongst our key demographic of 16–18 year olds, retaining the highest qualified young people in the region to supply the skills pipelines needed for regeneration and future growth.
Above all we want to create learning and knowledge transfer to raise the aspirations of our students and ensure the workforce of the region has the appropriate skills.

To Achieve This, We Plan:

  • To encourage stronger and more effective relationships with employers, resulting in better intelligence about skill needs which is reflected in curriculum development and planning.
  • To have started to put the key building blocks in place to support and meet the skills needs across the local area, and evidence that these changes will lead to positive outcomes for learners.
  • To invite a range of employers and education providers into college to meet with staff and students.

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To Achieve This, We Plan:

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